Riverside, -bend & Reservoir, Findlay OH

I figured I’d better make these updates because it’s been ages since last I did, last I did anything really with this blog, and any more time passing might lead to me forgetting what happened and all. Not that it was terribly important, but it was at least pretty. What had happened was that we had finished most everything we needed to do in NYC, and were feeling a little done with NYC, and was spending ever more and more time in Findlay, OH. It coincidentally was also my 2nd Anniversary since first visiting Findlay, which was oddly, serendipitous I guess; since not needing to be any where, we just decided to make a little vacation of it! I really do like that city. I might be a midwesterner at heart. This might be a spoiler but ultimately we will leave NYC, spend a good amount of time in Findlay on our way to LA, and ultimately end up in LA, which is where I’m writing right now.

It is, also, as close as we’re going to get to October 29th, 2000, when last October rusted. Has it been over a decade?

This particular batch of photos were taken at Riverside Park, Riverbend Park, and the Reservoir, all in Findlay. We had started this particular tour of public spaces in Findlay with the intention of casing out possible outdoor wedding locations. While nice the lot of them, there were certain concerns including how alcohol is not allowed that might make it less desirable, picturesque though it is. Another concern would be whether a wedding’s a good idea in the first place; eloping might be more fun.

I suppose a more substantive actual blog post might be warranted at some point as well, but maybe I’m just not feeling much in a writing mood. Technically it is National Novel Writing Month, though I didn’t know that until a few weeks ago, and though I don’t actually intend to do anything about it, and though I’ve tried in the past and have failed with varying degrees of failure. Perhaps later. It’s really a mood thing.

Either way, on to the photos!


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