Hocking Hills, OH

As a continuation of the previous post, more time spent in Ohio before we left NYC, our pseudo vacation of sorts, we went hiking in the Central sort of South part of Ohio where Maria’s good childhood friend had gone with her family just a little bit before. We even stayed at the same hotel as they thanks to their recommendation. Now we really enjoy hiking, though we honestly don’t get to do enough of it. We’ve probably only hiked in LA a handful of times at most, never in China or NYC, and thought it would be good to capitalize on the opportunity to do so in Ohio. We take a lot of walks, is the truth of it. Lots of urban exploring. We’re also biking now! Bought brand new hybrid bikes, went 7 miles yesterday, and 26.2 miles today! Marathon length!

Hocking Hills was gorgeous though. Maria’s been before when young. We spent a couple of days there, hit up all the points, had our GPS with us and created some gorgeous renders in Google Earth showing exactly what our elevation was in the 3D terrain mode. I’ll need to get some screen captures of those and post them somewhere. It was surprising though because Ohio in the summer is a little humid, a little hot, a little buggy, but down at the park, whilst hiking, it was none of that! I wonder if it had to do with the elevation or the different kind of terrain, but it was barely warm, barely humid, barely buggy, and we were shaded by lovely dappled sunlight most the entire time.

There were many different hiking areas: a water fall, a reservoir, a rocky cave, a deep canyon, some lovely ridges.


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