Columbus – German Village, OH

Continuing yet again with the series, on our way back up to Findlay from Hocking Hills, we stopped off in Columbus. A decently big city, supposedly where the fancy jobs are, though cursory searches have been flimsy at best, a place that some have described as having all the downsides of a large city but none of the benefits, the capital, and one of very few capitals I’ve actually been to in the States, though I can add Lansing, Michigan to that list now, and crime. They have a lovely German part of town though, with nice cobblestones, wrought iron, and sausage! It’s also where Maria’s mother buys her glass for the stained glass that she creates. I’d like to learn to do that. I’ve been feeling a sort of creation itch, wanting to make things, things with tangible final products, more than just silly pieces of online software. I want to farm, scrapbook, drive a big truck and fill its bed with things from garage sales.

We’ve been reading the Song of Ice and Fire books by George R. R. Martin also. It started when we saw the TV series coming up in HBO and combined with a desire to read the same thing at the same time. We bought the first book at an airport, 2 copies, and have actually read all that’s so far been published, together, at the same time also, so we have 2 copies of everything else also! The point though is that in Columbus, in German Town, we bought the 2nd volume I think?

They also had these stones set amidst a brick path in a park with carved quotes in German in them from famous historical figures and all. What was odd though was that while there were some people who would have presumably spoke or wrote in German in the first place, there were others who, I would think, obviously didn’t know German, like Joan of Arc. Now, I might be wrong though, but it seems as if they took famous quotes, regardless of original language, and actually translated them into German.


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