4th of July in Ohio

So June came and went, with little to no notice. Some administrative stuff was taken care of, like the finalizing of Maria’s BAR materials for New York and New Jersey (there was fingerprinting involved, and Red Lobster in Jersey), a couple of really short races, all around Central Park because there’s no where else to run in this city, garbage bags full of clothes that Maria picked up from a Chelsea penthouse from a middle aged woman who apparently dressed like Maria did back in high school, a failed attempt at finding a new apartment for ourselves or commercial rental for any of our business ventures, and apparently, Flag Day. Not that I wrote anything of meaning for May, or April for that matter. The blog has unfortunately been left by the way side, trumped by more pressing concerns involving the day to day of our particular brand of day to day.

However, with the start of a couple of new projects involving additional online content creation, my hope is that I can once again pick up where I’ve always left off, and give this blog the attention it deserves. There’s a lot of history here, and I wouldn’t want to lose it or devalue its importance. I have been pretty good about updating the Milestones though; that at least is up to date.

I also think my father came to visit at some point, most likely in June, though it’s confusing because they were originally supposed to come in May. I had even bought both he and our doctor round trip airplane tickets and hotel reservations, all at the very last minute, and had to cancel them, all at the very last minute again, only to be told a couple of weeks later, at the very last minute, that they need round trip airplane tickets and hotel reservations again, only to find out upon landing that the doctor ran off with his ex-wife, never to be seen again until the end of the trip, and the wonderful hotel room he found for them in Times Square needs to be canceled and replaced with the Yonkers Roadway Motel, because my father is just like that. Oh and did I mention, all a the very last minute. They also had a massive agenda of speaking with editors of Nature, CDC scientists, IP lawyers, and innumerable other matters relating to Maria and my ultimate self employment, non of which got addressed. Not that I’m bitter, or complaining, but there’s an unfortunate growing part of me that wonders why I keep giving these people additional chances to take advantage then disregard me.

But that is not the point of this post, nor is my grandfather’s funeral, which Maria and I went to. It was nice being back in China, to visit that is. I think we’ve both decided that China is best kept for the visitors, and that, even for long periods of time, it’s infinitely better to visit than live in that country. We accomplished a lot while we were there as well, including getting her refund from business school, something that involved a literal scavenger hunt for departmental seals. They had said to budget 3 or so hours for the entire process, because it required us to move from one department to another, handing them one thing after the other, getting their seals collected on a piece of paper to ultimately trade for another piece of paper that said she’d withdrawn. It’s like, in this day and age, hard to imagine that the MBA office’s computers weren’t connected to the library, IT, or student affairs. I’m sure I’ve ranted about this all before somewhere, but come on people. More on all of that later, again, that’s not the point of this post.

The point is, that we had a lovely long weekend in Ohio for the Fourth.

Perhaps for the last time, at least until we decide to keep a nocturnal schedule, and the thought of which has been sounding more and more appealing what with these very warm summer days in NYC, we drove through the night again. It was actually my last day at work, but I’d rather not get into any of that right now. Suffice it to say we were free to go where we wanted, for as long as we wanted, barring BAR study, the only limiting factor. Part ways through New Jersey, the car all of a sudden got really loud. We had noticed that it was running louder and louder ever since our trip up to Vermont, but this was out of hand. No check engine light though, no handling issues, so we just pressed one, because, well, what could we do? We could postpone our trip, but that’s no fun, and we had to be there by Friday afternoon (we left Thursday evening).

You see, we had gotten invited to Maria’s best friend’s 4th of July party, on the afternoon of the 1st, to view some fireworks, eat some good food, take in some good company. She had even invited me, something which for rather obscure reasons moved me an awful lot. It felt nice to have someone consider me in their plans, and I was touched that she thought of me. We got in, effectively slept all day, though in the middle of napping I went to get the car fixed at the local garage. It turns out the pipe connecting the engine to the muffler had rusted through, a quick cut, measure, and weld fixed it, quite cheaply I might add. Then there was the actual party, at which they had an above ground pool, which we didn’t use that day but the next, after playing cards and board games. There was breakfast with the family at Panera, dinner at home, driving around town and the countryside. We saw a movie. I always like it when I visit Maria’s home town. I might like it enough to live there. The people are so nice, the community as well, and it makes me wish for a more stable, permanent lifestyle, one in which I can actually be a part of a community, know the people around me. I’ve rented all my life, and briefly at that, so I’ve never felt that kind of connection, and SLC is know for not having a “community,” even going so far as to have open forums on why there is no “community” at SLC. So may it’s this sense of being out of place, out of sync with the people around me, that makes me envious of the lives of those who have that connection. Maria’s best friend has her husband, their beautiful daughter, and their entire family around them and all their friends. They have a beautiful house and yard, and a garden with vegetables that hopefully this next time we visit, we’d be able to partake from. They’re renovating their garage. There’s a lot that’s enviable about all of that.


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