PBL Farm

So it looks like the original photos from our first trip to what will henceforth known as “the Farm” never made it to this blog, I am now posting the 2nd batch of those photos, from our second trip. And, obviously enough, I’m finally blogging again! Though I’m being kind of lazy about it because a photo post is much easier than an actual mostly text content post. But this is all the time I’ve got for these things nowadays, so what can ya do. But, to summarize some of the things that have been going on since I last posted, which I believe was over a month and a half ago…

  • Maria ran the Rockland Road Runners (RRR) George Wodicka Hook Half Marathon
  • My grandfather died
  • Maria ran the City Parks Foundation Run for the Parks
  • We went to China for my grandfather’s funeral
  • While in China, Maria collected her tuition refund from Tsinghua University, a pretty easy and painless process though they did make us go on a scavenger hunt around campus collecting different department’s seals, certifying that we had no library books out, that we had no internet usage fees due, that we had returned her student ID card, that the IMBA department had verified those 4 seals, and that all 5 seals were present before we could collect our refund, though we collected our refund before all this and sort of did the scavenger hunt just so we wouldn’t rock the boat too much so to speak. And the entire time I was just thinking to myself, no, we didn’t use the library because all the books are in Chinese, none of the staff speak English, you can’t bring your bag into the place, and there’s no place to hang out, and no, we did not use the internet because it’s not free and we’d have to pay for it based on usage.
  • While in China, we visited the Farm again (photos to follow)
  • While in China, we may have formalized positions for us with PBL and FTCGLLC! We may not have to work for other people anymore! We may get to be independent contractors!
  • While in China, International Workers Day!
  • Neither of us really likes our jobs…

Otherwise, in general, we’re just short on time, and don’t really get to see each other that much, but we do get to see some movies, which is always good. As far as plans for the near to moderate future, well only time will tell ;)

But hopefully all the best as possible!
Now, photos:

Also, and completely irrelevant, but so I don’t lose it, and because I really like it and my Maria found it for me:

Horace, Ode 1.9

You see how Soracte stands out white
with deep snow, and the struggling trees can
no longer sustain the burden, and the rivers
are frozen with sharp ice.

Dispel the cold by liberally piling logs on
the fireplace, and draw out more generously,
o Thaliarchus, four-year-old unmixed wine
from the two-handled Sabine jar.

Entrust everything else to the gods; as soon as
they have stilled the winds battling on the heaving
sea, neither the cypress trees nor
the ancient ash trees are shaken.

Leave off asking what tomorrow will bring, and
whatever days fortune will give, count them
as profit, and while you’re young don’t scorn
sweet love affairs and dances,

so long as crabbed old age is far from
your vigor. Now let the playing field and the
public squares and soft whisperings at nightfall
(the appointed hour) be your pursuits;

now too the sweet laughter of a girl hiding
in a secret corner, which gives her away,
and a pledge snatched from her wrists
or her feebly resisting finger.


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