Mystic, CT – March 12, 2011

So this is like, one of the best reasons to be in New England: everything’s so close to each other! Whereas it takes more than 6 hours just to get to San Francisco from Los Angeles, and you’re still in the same State, 6 hours will tour you the entirety of New England, like, every State! And that’s just cool. So we were like, let’s get away for the weekend. It was a stupid week at work, didn’t really want to be there, didn’t really want to do anything more productive, just wanted to go as we put it, to some nice, New England village somewhere along the water front. So up North we went! We were originally planning on spending the evening at a nice Bed and Breakfast, but that turned out to be too much planning, but we got the car, drove up, got some suggestions from friends about where’s best to go, and ended up in Mystic, CT! And it kinda matched all the criteria we had originally set: a quiet, quaint, New England village along the water front. :) We got lunch at the Oyster Factory, where they had excellent lobster bisque, and supposedly excellent fried oysters which even though we ordered never came but thankfully we weren’t charged for it but we felt disappointed because it was supposedly excellent and there were like write ups in the newspaper about it and all, but, well, at least we didn’t get charged for it. Oh, and we had excellent beer on tap. Those beers with the rich, amber colors, quintessential New England. One o these days, again I tell ya.

And this is a complete aside, but right now I’m limiting my photos to 600px, should I make them bigger? Hmmmmmmm…also…I’m thinking of redesigning the blog again. Hmmmmmmmm….


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