Finders, March 19th, 2011

So remember when way back when in December of last year we sent a whole bunch of boxes from China by mail and it was like 5 carbon copies written by a ball point pen in Chinese and English with the actual shipping label being the last of those carbon copies and we had to write by hand in tiny, chicken scratch print on the box itself with said ball point pen our addresses because we were certain it wouldn’t be legible by the USPS and though China EMS said things would be able to be tracked online it was never actually available or possible to track? Well, they got here! All of them! And I gotta hand it to the USPS; the addresses we wrote SUCKED but they got it there anyways. Kudos. So that meant a trip to Ohio! And to pick up our boxes! And to get more stuff! And now we have everything we had in LA! Whooo! Though one o these days (I’m saying that a lot huh?) I intend to actually collect everything we have everywhere (both my parents houses, etc.) and form them all into one, cohesive, home.

Otherwise, “check out this cool building we go to tour!” (Boilerplate!)


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