Furniture has been built

So it’s been a couple of weeks since we made our big purchase at Ikea Brooklyn. They delivered everything, which was actually a great deal considering how much we had (apparently over 1000lbs or so says the shipping label heh) and that if they had to, they would have walked things up the stairs, all 5 flights of it (thankfully they didn’t have to). It was a slow, lengthy, and arduous process, one that involved shuffling massively heavy stacks of boxes from one side of the room to the other as we built one piece at a time, then throwing out in batches the piles of empty cardboard containers. One at a time, bit by bit, piece by piece, I am happy to report that now every piece of furniture has been built!

A couple of notes regarding the furniture:

  • The Expedit bookshelves rock, like they’ve always rocked, though apparently the larger 5 by 5 cube ones are being discontinued.
  • The Efektiv filing cabinets are great too, though they don’t come with pre-drilled holes for the handles since there are so many different kinds you can get, so that sucks
  • We bought a power drill! W00t it came in sooooo handy!
  • The Pax wardrobes are MASSIVE, exceptionally heavy, and exceedingly difficult to build. The instructions also suck, don’t follow them. I built the 2nd one much better than the first, in what Ikea would consider the “wrong” order of operations. What’s also stupid is that our apartment is essentially collapsing on itself. We had this piece of pre-existing dresser that came furnished with the apartment, and no matter which wall we put it against, the top drawer would slide out of its own accord. This meant that I had to intentionally build the wardrobe “wrong” to account for the extra lean due to the floors. What this means is that if you look closely, the wardrobe is leaning back to overcompensate.
  • The Utby bar table is excellent as well, sturdy, solid, very utilitarian in look with all metal legs and frame. We got a nice speckled stone effect counter top for it, and 4 Stig barstools which, though plastic and very inexpensive, seem more than satisfactory.
  • We didn’t go with the expensive Ikea couch, but instead bought something sight unseen from, a dealer we found on Craigslist. A third the price, and it folds down into a bed. Now that I’ve built it though, the quality is obviously not great, it’s obviously very cheap, but well, whatchagonnadoeh?

Well, it’s almost 4AM heh, I should go to sleep. But I feel so productive! The only thing left is to move out the rest of the existing furniture from before (the dresser, a chair, a desk and mirror), and get 2 rugs (it’ll really tie the room together). What’s unfortunate though is that we currently have no room for a coffee table. We were originally planning to loft the bed, but given the way the apartment leans, I’m a little hesitant to do so. Nevertheless, it’s still an option, and definitely one to seriously consider since well, we have very little room right now heh.

It really makes a difference though, the new layout and everything. And it looks like we’ll be able to do the renovations we want to the kitchen as well, after which the apartment will feel even more open than it already does thanks to the new layout. There’s still a couple items to get, I think another 2 by 2 and 1 by 5 Expedit bookshelves, and a shoe rack. We’re gonna build in some more shelves for storage, and it’ll be great! What a difference a little work makes. I feel quick handy actually!


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