Restaurant Review: Beyoglu

So Maria actually knows a good number of people in NYC, or people coming and going through NYC; its surprising! There’s a whole bunch of them, mostly from her college and high school days, and we’ve been working to make the rounds ya know, to get to see them because in the end, they’re all good people. So on January 29th, 2011, we met up with her good friend couple from back in the day Harvard connections at a lovely Turkish restaurant in the Upper East Side called Beyoglu. Now there are a couple of accent marks missing, and I for some reason can’t find their website, and I can’t pronounce their name either, but either way. There’s actually a lot of Turkish slash Middle Eastern restaurants in the Upper East Side. It seems popular. If you walk on 2nd Ave. in like the 60s and 70s, nothing but Turkish restaurants! We like it, having had very good Lebanese food with her sister up in Boston, and we’ve been looking to recreate the experience. The couple were wonderful also, and I’m not going to put in too much details for anonymity sake, but I thought them to be a pleasure to be around and I look forward to when we’ll be able to get together again, hopefully soon, though they’re both very busy, a lawyer and a programmer for a start up. Shrugs, either way, good memories at least, and hopefully more in the future? On to the review!

Link: Beyoglu on NYCMag, couldn’t find real site
Menu: Dinner
Address: 1431 Third Ave., New York, NY 10028 at 81st St
Phone: 212-650-0850

Location notes:
Um, standard Upper East Side? Pretty nice, lots of restaurants in the neighborhood, fancy grocery stores, wine shops, etc. At a rather wide intersection right next to a very good Thai place also. It’s a very cozy feeling restaurant, dark and kind of candlelit in ambience. Very bistro like, old world glamour again, though with some modern twists. Either way, not too much to say about the location, pretty standard though.

Food notes:
Now we love Middle Eastern slash Turkish food. Excellent stuff, mushy, pita bread, mmmmmm good stuff. Pretty standard actually in presentation of the traditional foods, not like trying to be all fancy and mix it up, just good fooding in general. The portions are very big, they have a full bar, and Turkish beer! We didn’t try any of the alcohol because we didn’t feel like it really, but the other couple did and seemed to enjoy it. They have a meat and seafood special every day that changes, the time we went it was some kind of lamb and some kind of whole, baked fish. Sounded good but we didn’t order it. The idea though, is to go back :)

Foods tasted (taken from menu):

  • Iskender Kebab – vertically grilled thinly sliced lamb & beef on a bed of pita bread, with yogurt, tomato sauce
  • Karides Guvec – jumbo shrimp casserole baked with mushrooms, peppers, plum tomatoes & kashkaval cheese
  • Vegetarian Platter – combination of our delicious vegetarian mezzes, including (from memory): Hummus – chick peas & tahini seasoned w/ cumin & garlic, Cacik – thick homemade yogurt, cucumbers & garlic, Patlican Salatasi – mashed eggplant salad, Kisir (Tabbuli) – cracked wheat (bulgur) salad, Zeytinyagli Ispanak – fresh spinach, shallots & dill sauteed w/ olive oil
  • Some kind of dessert, don’t remember what it was, remember it was good, maybe a creme brulee?

Drinks tasted:
Some kind of Turkish beer that we didn’t taste? They had a good, full selection of stuff, and definitely worth trying the Turkish beer as its a specialty and all, just didn’t that day.

Other notes:
For the money, the service, the ambience, the location, and the general tastiness of everything, definitely a great place. I mean, entrees don’t break $20 at MOST, we’re talking just over $30 per person for dinner including large entrees, drinks, and desserts to split. The vegetarian sampler that we ordered comes in 2 different sizes, and there’s one for cold and one for hot mezzes. We tried the cold, we’ll try the hot next time. I think the best way to order is actually to take one of those large samplers to split, every one get an entree, split a couple of desserts, then drinks all around! Sounds lovely no? And definitely laid back enough to kind of just, hang out and relax through the night.

I’m also a big fan of this going out with other couples things :)


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