2nd Post of 2011

Yes, I know, it’s almost the end of the first MONTH but I’ve been busy. The majority of that time was spent interviewing with companies for a job. I signed up with a tech recruiting agency, two of them actually, though in reality, one still. It’s weird. I ran into something like this before back in LA when I was looking for my last job. There are these tech recruiters online and they have cool sounding jobs and you can make an account and search and apply online and they have a bunch of Craigslist postings also, so I went with one of them, then I found some more jobs with another tech recruiting agency, and when I tried to make an account with them and do that whole bit so that I’d have access to their information and applications and etc., it said my account already existed! Turns out, I can now sign into no less than FOUR different recruiting agency’s websites, that I know of. They’re all exactly the same! Kinda. They’re like, different fronts for the same big company in the back so that they’re, diversified, and better able to handle high volumes of applicants? Or so I’m told? Either way.

So there were like, 10 different companies that I ultimately interviewed with, running the whole spectrum from management consulting to applications design to non-profits to marketing firms to all around web development and etc. Many of them I had multiple rounds of interviews with even, going to the recruiters office to interview, going to their offices to interview, doing interviews over the phone. I must’ve interviewed at least 2 dozen times by the time all was said and done (not all of them progressed beyond a first round). In the end, I had 3 offers, and went with my BRAND NEW JOB THAT I START NEXT MONDAY!

Not bad eh? 2 weeks, 24 interviews, hundreds of blocks walked, and I’ve got a job! More on the job later when I know more, but I anticipate many good things.

Other things that took up lots and lots of time, Maria and I went up to visit her sister in Boston! This would be my 3rd time ever in Boston, and first time with Maria. They live in a cute little town outside Boston proper with rivers and parks and tall grass. Oh and a giant murder of crows one night as we were walking back from a park we had gone to so we could get some exercise and air and some quiet, alone time because Maria’s sister has twin boys and they’re a handful so it’s good to have an opportunity to spend time alone with her. We also went to Chuck E Cheese (anyone been to one of those recently?) and met up with a whole bunch of their friends in one of those settings where you’re all grown up and you get to refer to your friends as couples by last name only, like, the Smiths, the Wallabees, the MacCaroos. It was good to go though, and to drive around. New England is lovely in the winter, and this winter is really a WINTER. I’m sure everyone’s heard of the recent snow trouble and all the flight cancellations and everything, well it’s just been snowing non-stop as far as I can tell! I lived here for like, 4 years before and I don’t think I remember it ever snowing this much I was just telling Maria this afternoon as we were walking in the Upper East Side looking, and failing to find, white sauce/hot sauce. And even though its snowing, and cold, it’s still better than China no bitterness intended.

We also spent a lot of time looking for an apartment. The place we’re in, lovely though it is, is still small, and we thought we’d want to move some place nicer and bigger and where we can see ourselves staying for a decently long period of time because I think we’re both sick of moving. So we tromped our way all through the Upper East Side, Midtown West and Midtown East, and the Financial District. We had different kinds of targeted searches going on between 4 different realty brokers. In the Upper East Side, we were looking for something with a nice outdoor space like a terrace or balcony where we can BBQ and have a fire pit. In Midtown West we were looking at high rises with gorgeous views of the Hudson and the city. In Midtown East we were being practical, cheap but good, if possible, because it’s the closest to where my car’s currently parked and the Harvard Club; so we were trying to be efficient. In the Financial District we were looking for something that reminded us of Downtown LA, concrete forest type imagery. In the end, we only managed to find apartments in the Financial District that lived up to the searches and standards that we were looking for. We even put in 2 applications for places. And we’re talking gorgeous places, brand new buildings and renovations, top of the line kitchens and bathrooms, generous amenities like gyms and rooftop terraces and lounges and libraries. I had my job you know, so we knew what we could afford, so we were skinning the top of our budget, but it was doable. But then came why all these are in the past tense and not for a necessarily good reason: the one and only places that we really wanted gypped us out of 1 month’s free rent because “that concession is no longer available,” wasn’t proactive in letting us know where our application stood so we had no idea if we were accepted or not or whether or not we would be able to get it, and in the end was just delayed by 3 days in the entire process before they decided they wanted us after we decided we wanted it, and by then we had mulled and discussed and drew out intricate floor plans and everything ad our minds had been changed. So without further ado, I introduce you to our new apartment, our current apartment. It’s gonna be great. We’re gonna renovate a little with the management company’s help. We’re going to get good furniture and be comfortable; something about nesting procedures. We actually spent close to 5 hours at the Ikea in Brooklyn yesterday (photos coming soon of the Water Taxi ride!) looking at everything we thought we’d want, making sure we both liked them and that they’d work within our space. I stayed up late into the evening mocking up floor plans (to follow). I think, it’ll be great.

Otherwise it’s also New York Restaurant Week, so we’ve been taking advantage of the fact that I don’t have to be at work yet during the day and hitting some of the lunch spots. So far we’ve been to Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill and Les Halles (a French bistro) down in the Financial District. We’re going to a couple of places for dinner tomorrow and Saturday with Maria’s NYC friends. We’re also putting together fancy job applications for Maria and getting our car in our names and with New York places and getting New York drivers licenses and getting New York car registrations and just a whole bunch of logistical/administrative stuff.

In short, been busy! But this brings us up to date :)

Now, photos!

New NYC Apartment

Our new (otherwise known as current) apartment!


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