NYC November 2010

So as I had alluded to in the previous post, lots of things happened, and this is kind of a make up post in an all out of order sort of fashion. What had happened was, my China visa had proper expired. As in, no more entries, no more days allowed in country, stay any longer and they’ll fine you some obscene amount ever day then ultimately arrest you and throw you in the Chinese prison, which, as I had mentioned, you want to avoid. The point though was, had to leave. The obvious choice was to head to LA, but seeing as how Maria was just in NYC this past Summer, and had successfully processed her student visa at the NYC Chinese Consulate, something at least on a surface level similar to a work visa, we thought it made sense to stick with familiar territory. Coincidentally, Emily was also dancing, which was a great thing to be able to see, and Maria got to spend some time up in Boston with her Emily and nephews. We even managed to get a nice little place to ourselves in the UES to stay at thanks to the aforementioned lovely young couple we met while in Beijing and Hong Kong of all places. Either way, there we were, still Fall even, an absolutely beautiful time to be in NYC I think. I got to see a whole mess of friends and old colleagues, work buddies, and even long lost friends from long ago. At the last minute though, we decided to extend our trip, for reasons better left to be disclosed later. It was just after my 27th birthday, just around Thanksgiving, and it seemed appropriate to maybe celebrate the holidays with at least one of our families, if possible. We even managed to hitch a ride with my Emily out to Ohio and had a wonderful time with Maria’s family. Got to see her friends, her folks, went midnight shopping with her best friend on Black Friday, and even checked out the brand new Irish Pub that just opened in Findlay. A couple of observations though on the changes in the States since last I’d left. Everything seemed quite inexpensive. I went to happy hour with Kimmie in Brooklyn and had lots of beers and appetizers, I had a couple of rounds of drinks myself at the Irish Pub next to where we were staying, I had a drink at the Palmer Lounge, what used to be the Spinning Wheel for those SLC folk who still remember it, got lots of drinks in Findlay, and it just wasn’t what I thought it would cost. I wonder if this is because I’ve grown up and matured, or if things are actually less expensive now that the height of the economy is over. There are also lots of fresh produce and fruit carts roaming around Manhattan that I hadn’t noticed before, with 1.50$ avocados, which I drool over because they’re impossible to get in this country. And “white sauce, hot sauce” is still as good as ever. Either way though, this is mostly just to introduce the fact before it’s so lovingly illustrated in photo form that we had an absolutely wonderful time in NYC, something we’ve always said we wanted to experience together, and we look forward to going through old haunts even more in the future.


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