Multiple places to write now

So I’m sure some one may have noticed, but I actually switched to the AJAX only version of the theme, which is definitely in BETA status at the moment as it can’t process any WordPress short tags and hasn’t yet figured out when someone is logged in or not. Nevertheless, I sort of figured if I stare at something incomplete long enough it may inspire me to actually complete it. My friend suggested I actually submit this as a WordPress theme, open to downloads and all, and though I was originally hesitant due to how difficult this theme would be to customize, she pointed out that people get themes because they don’t want to customize so, what the heck, maybe when it’s out of beta “and releasing on time.” I also just discovered that the new layout doesn’t really mesh very well with Internet Explorer…again, if I stare at the problem long enough maybe I’ll decide to solve it.

I’ve also created a couple of other sites to showcase some work. At current count, there are: (web portfolio) (photos) (music, very initial stages, coming soon) (this site)

There are some other sites I’d like to put together, some things for Maria and her school, some things for the IFC, etc., but those I guess are in the idea only stage at the moment.

Putting personal programming aside, I’ve now got a part time programming job for a company called Pixology Studios, Ltd. They do great print design, and I’ll be working for their web side. I’m also in the process of moving all of FTC’s websites over to a new server down south. I kind of wish I had a little bit of notice before they just unplugged the old server and so some websites have been down for over a week now, and I had to grab database stuff off the old server which we only took delivery of into Michael’s office a day ago or so. Either way, you do what you can. But I mean, the point is, I’m actually racking together a decently large web presence of sites I’ve designed and coded. I’m decently impressed with myself.

Putting all programming aside, the point of this post was that I’ve now also started a hand written journal on the side. I find the process of doing something by hand, something slower, to be appealing. Plus, I have so many half finished journals and sketchbooks I’d like to see what it feels like to actually one day finish one. I also have lots of recycled journals and sketchbooks that use to be half finished but just had half the pages torn out. Still not desirable. That content will not be translated here. I’m also writing a short story, something I’ve wanted to and had the idea for for a while now, about the nature of loneliness and how it affects our perception of the world around us. But my mother had suggested that Maria and I write a screenplay, and though it didn’t work out too great the last time I tried this with my ex, and though I don’t make it a habit to take my mother’s suggestions, I am nevertheless also writing the screen play version of the short story. It’s kind of funny actually. I have 2 files on my desktop, one in Word and the other in Final Draft format, both at the same points in time story wise.

I’d like to think I’m a good web programmer…

And I suck at tagging things…there really needs to be a system already in place even before the first tag gets created, otherwise it’s just chaos.


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