Very sick…

So it’s been like, over a week. Maria and I are both sick. We think it happened because of all the MBA people she was interacting with. The theory goes, we have close to 100 people, coming from different and perhaps, weird, countries, flying long distances on planes with perhaps even, weirder, people, all being forced to “orient” together in close quarters for long periods of time every day for long numbers of days, not getting enough sleep, etc. I think that’s how it happened. I even remember that one evening I had met up with Maria and some of her fellow MBA Orienteers, and they were sick, and it was right after that when I first started feeling sick, and it’s just continued. This means that she actually missed the last week of her orientation, which wasn’t that big of a loss apparently, and she didn’t want to go anyways, I mean, what kind of school plans a 3 week long orientation period where they don’t actually teach you anything useful and interesting like how to use the library and such? It was mostly corporate sponsored “events” touting in grandiose terms about “leadership” and uh, well, I don’t actually know as I was only along for some of it and not all of it, but either way, suffice it to say no one was excited about the last week of orientation, and though we were both horribly sick during it, it was nice to have a week to just hang out together at home and rest up. The worst of it is actually this obnoxious cough that’s lingered for a very long time, on top of the general flu like symptoms. The cough sucks because it keeps us both up at night. Like, last night, I don’t think I got more than a couple hours of sleep because every time I’d get close to falling asleep, I’d have a coughing fit, or she’d have one, and it just sucks. Plus I can’t regulate my temperature properly at the moment, which also suck. But school’s officially began now, yesterday that is, with her first day of class. I think she’s liking her classes, and her colleagues and fellow students. We were actually late to her class this morning because we didn’t get nearly enough sleep last night and though I’m sure my alarm went off, by the time we checked it, it was already 8:15am with class starting at 8:30am heh. I assume everything’s alright though, I haven’t heard from her yet, as she still has class right now. I’m sure she’s having a great time though :)

The IFC also had its first ever Gala Evening on September 11th. Inauspicious day I know, but it doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference in this country. It took place at Capital M Beijing, a very lovely restaurant at Qianmen actually. I was surprised by how fancy it was on the inside, and it had a huge patio with wonderful views of the gates and the Forbidden City. Perfect on a warm summer evening actually, very comfortable. The food looked good, though we didn’t actually eat any. I was there as a volunteer for the IFC, helping coordinate the evening, handle registrations, payments, attendee corralling, and singing even. We sang 3 songs between courses, to general appreciation. Either way, this just means that it was a very long and tiring day, but still nice! We’re thinking of heading on back to the restaurant at some point, get a nice, fancy dinner. Or apparently they have a lovely Sunday brunch special on the patio, which sounded like fun also. Another member of the IFC, Amanda, suggested it, because the price is like a quarter of the normal dinner prices, but the food is still good, and there are champagne cocktails.

Otherwise, my father has succeeded in selling off the rest of his shares in the restaurant, 25% of which the sales revenue goes to Maria, at some point, which will be great. I have a job offer jointly from FTC/Matrix, my father and cousin’s, respectively, companies, though they haven’t paid me anything, and have kinda gone silent as far as work for me goes. I was supposed to go on down south a bit to put up some wireless sensor network thingie, work on some remote medicine stuff, etc., but apparently there’s been some miscommunication between the multiple parties and what responsibilities were meant to be delegated, and I kind of feel like I’m left out in the blue with nothing to do, and maybe nothing coming to me. I was supposed to be paid already, and again at the beginning of October. I even turned down yet another job offer from another company because of this, and it’ll actually really piss me off if I don’t get paid. I made this mistake once, turning down a job for the job at the restaurant, and this is the second time I’ve turned down a job for some family opportunity and if it doesn’t work out well, huh, I guess that’ll just suck, short answer, huh?

Either way, it does feel like things are coming together, school, relationship, job, apartments, visa, etc., which is absolutely great actually. It’s taken a bit, but maybe it’ll start working out soon.

I also hadn’t blogged in a while, which is mostly the point of this entry. We’ve been sick, that’s all, and very, very busy. But as I look at the last post date, it hasn’t actually been that long somehow, just like, a little over a week. I wonder if it’s really the fact that being sick, being unable to sleep, being generically uncomfortable, has just made the time drag. Though we had a good time last week, hanging out together, sick, at home, watching movies and TV. I guess this week’s a bit different now, and everything feels more, specific in how they bother me, like the sickness, the lack of commitment from my “job,” because Maria’s started classes and is much busier during the day, and it would be great if I had things to do during the day as well as I had planned on it, but well, I’ve already written about how annoyed I am at my family, and I guess I may get even more annoyed at them…what does it take to have a steady job eh?


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