Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 54 and 55

I’m late in posting today, or rather yesterday, so I’m posting both songs together because I don’t want to miss anymore days as Maria will be on her way back real soon. She’ll leave Saturday afternoon her time, which is middle of the night Saturday night my time, and I want to make sure she can hear, and read about, all the songs up until the last moment she’s there. There will be one more song posted while she’s in flight, being the ultimate song, but we’ll sort that out on the 22nd.

I’m late in posting because I fell asleep. I’ve not been sleeping well, when I’ve been sleeping, and this time is no different I fear, with the result being that I’m tired in general. I wonder why.

Today was a very non-exciting day. I got a phone call from the ISB, offering me the contract position job! Which is great and everything! I mean, it’s contract, so it only lasts 3 weeks or so, and it doesn’t pay that great, but surprisingly good by Chinese standards, and definitely good enough for what we’re talking about, especially since it’s short term, and it starts next Tuesday.

Then I lost the job, a couple of hours later. I had anticipated that there might be some issues with them employing me and the unstable nature of my current Chinese visa, I had even brought this up in the interview yesterday, so when HR called me to offer me the job I wanted to clarify with them whether it would be an issue or not, explaining that I was currently still on a tourist visa, that I’m in the process of modifying my visa to a working one but it’ll take a couple of weeks still at least, and whether that would be a problem or not. I knew that if I were being hired for a normal, full time position, they’d be able to sponsor me for my working visa, but I was worried that the contract and immediate nature of this current job that they offered me would play by different rules, and lo and behold, a few hours later after they all talked amongst themselves and asked the right questions of the right people, I had lost the job because due to my visa. Bah!

However, one sliver of good came of this. The head of the department had said he was very interested in me for a full time position as well! I had originally applied for the full time position actually, and this emergency, contract, short term one only came up very recently. He even said I was a “strong candidate.” :) And obviously, they’ll be able to sponsor me for my work visa with that position no problem. So I’m excited about that, though it’s not set in stone by any means. It’s the start of the school year, and if anyone knows how busy those first couple of weeks are for schools, it’s me. So he said he’ll get back to me as soon as things quiet down a bit and they start formally looking for that next position. I asked him to keep me in mind, and he said “definitely,” so I’m optimistic about my prospects, though they’ll be a couple of weeks away.

I also cooked myself lunch today, actually cooked. I haven’t done that in a while. My mother had left some spaghetti and spaghetti sauce, and it looked and smelled good enough to appeal to my taste buds so I made pasta! It wasn’t nearly as good as I imagined it, but good enough still.

Otherwise, as I said, I fell asleep, and woke now due to this nagging in my head saying I need to blog, and put up Maria’s songs, and send her her songs. It’s her last day at work! I hope she’s having a good last day. I wonder if they had cake for her!

“Today’s” song is “In My Life” by the Beatles. Though I’ve always liked this song, I’ve never played it before I don’t think, or at least don’t remember. I used to have this record player and this song on LP and I’d play it for myself on it. I even remembered back then where on the record this song began, so that I could cue it up manually. You know, I like records still. I like the hiss it makes. I won’t debate whether something “sounds better” on records versus CD. I just like the hiss. It feels more, real. This song also held special sentimental meaning for me way back when, this would be high school days. It’s interesting how sentimental songs from one part of your life can still be sentimental later, but for rather different reasons. I still feel strongly about this song, in a Maria context that is, nowadays.

And today’s song is “Something,” by the Beatles as well. I think this might technically be the last song that Maria can hear while she’s still in NYC, she leaves Saturday afternoon on the 21st, but I’ll still have a song waiting for her for the 22nd as well. The project won’t be complete until she’s home, though the “in NYC” part might be fudged a bit. I suppose the actual last song will have to wait until she’s back for her to hear it. I wonder if I can make it special in someway, this final song. Not “this” this, the one for the 22nd I mean.


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