Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 53

So I had a job interview today with the ISB, International School of Beijing. It’s a real fancy place, and is where some fellow IFC people also work, specifically the lady with whom I’m working with the Youth Choir is. She’s head of the Performing Arts department apparently. But that means that since she’s there and I was there for my interview I found her office and we had a nice chat in the cafeteria. She bought me an orange juice. The school itself is quite fancy. It’s all the way up to high school, teaching that European way with the IB and all, and was apparently designed by some European architects who specialize in designing prisons, hence its imposing facade. On the inside though it’s just fancy, modern, and clean. But it really does look like a prison on the outside, or as the lady I chatted with described it, like an airport. What I wouldn’t give to work full time in an educational institution again though. Just being there felt nice, I really like the vibe of it. Though maybe not necessarily this particular institution as it’s way the heck out in the middle of no where, an 80RMB and hour long cab ride away, though they have staff buses from inside town, but that’ll be a subway ride away at least, then the bus. I’m getting ahead of myself though, counting chickens and all. The job I interviewed for is actually a contract position, lasting as long as 3 weeks at most. It’s full time those 3 weeks though, and they’ll pay me 10$ (actual USD) an hour, which is pathetically low by US standards but quite nice by China standards actually, and better than most other offers I’ve seen. It’s very kind of, entry level almost. They’ve put in place this fancy system for parents to view information about their child online with a login and password, and the job, if I get it, would be helping these parents out over the phone or through email with logging in, which apparently they have trouble doing. Very basic help desk stuff actually, nothing I haven’t done before or can’t. I actually also applied for an ICT Secretary position there, which I think is the equivalent of a Help Desk Technician back in the States, but this contract thing is wholly separate from that. That should pay more though, but again, chickens and all. So we shall see what happens. The issues at the moment are that this place really is quite far away, the pay’s not that great, it needs to start immediately (which I might not be comfortable with because Maria gets back this weekend and next week is when school starts for her and I’d really like to be there for her), and my visa status is quite weird and I don’t know how it’ll mesh with the contract nature of the position. All questions that can be resolved, but we shall see is the short of it.

Aside from this, I did some administrative work for the IFC again, related to squaring away the celebrity they’d like to attend their Gala. I feel like we’re on the final push of getting this deal signed and sealed. There’s also supposedly that meeting tonight that I wasn’t invited to and know nothing about but still should attend heh.

Not much else going on, really looking forward to Maria getting back, really not liking talking online lately. I never liked it in the past, and I’m liking it even less now. That’s not true, I used to be VERY good at it, but those days seem to have come and gone, and it’s altogether tragic that there are circumstances where those are the only means I have of talking to someone. I much prefer over the phone, and even that I’m not too good at anymore either. I’ve become such a face to face person. It has to do with timing, which I can’t quite get right when talking over the computer, and subtle verbal nuances that just get lost like tone and sarcasm and inflection. It makes communicating very difficult for me. Couple that with the fact that I’ve not actually communicated with real human beings all that much these past 2 months and it just spells disaster for me and trying to talk to anyone online. Sigh, hopefully it’ll get better once Maria’s back in town and I have someone to talk to again.

The first 2 weeks of her school revolved around orientation and pre-course, and though she has events and things she needs to attend every day, there are large chunks of time between any 2. The plan is for me to go in with her every day, hang out during the actual event, then we’ll meet up again for the time in between, get to know the area, the people, the campus, etc. This is partly why I’m hesitant to accept any job that requires me to start now. A) I’m really looking forward to this time spent with her and her soon to be classmates, and B) as mentioned before I want to be there for her during this time. I can start a job after she’s firmly entrenched in her day to day.

My in country extension is also being pushed through, thankfully. Apparently they might be able to switch me over to a 6 month “visiting relatives” visa, which would be great. The in country extension for a tourist visa apparently will only last 1 month, which is enough time, but more would be welcomed. The 6 months would be great. That’ll take a whole lot of pressure off multiple fronts.

Today’s song is “Welcome to Paradise” by Greenday. Incidentally, it’s “Green Day” isn’t it, with the space and the capital “D” and all? Hmmm…

I’m also blogging much earlier than I normally would because I think Maria likes seeing it first thing in the morning. So here it is baby! But if there are updates, I’ll post them along as well. There’s still at least 7 good hours in which things can happen during my day that might be worthy of being included.




maria | August 20th, 2010 

I do like seeing your blog…ASAP, really. And often.

sean | August 21st, 2010 

yeah and i’m even late in posting the entry for today! sorry about that my dear.

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