Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 51

Boy I’m not feeling too well at the moment. I got up early this morning, fully intending to go get my health inspection done for my work visa. But as I stood on the side of the street under the surprisingly hot morning sun, waiting the 20 long minutes before I gave up on trying to hail a cab, I kept thinking about just how entirely ludicrous the current situation is. No one knows where my in country diploma is. I can get a new one from SLC but I need to mail them a signed request plus check for 50$, and shipping will cost 55$, more than the actual thing, on top of which to mail my request to them with any expeditiousness will cost another 50$. So 150 plus dollars and at least 10 business days later, I can get another degree, but it will be too late to file for my work visa anyways as my tourist visa would have expired by then. So I still need to get my in country extension. Oh, and the health inspection itself will cost 1000RMB.

What have I gotten myself into? So I walked back home, because getting a cab was impossible anyways. There are better things to spend that 1000RMB on at the moment, and if nothing’s going to come as far as getting my work visa any quicker, well there’s just not point at the moment.

I talked to Maria a big online. She wasn’t feeling well either, but her time in NYC’s almost up. I hope she had a good night, better night than my day, though we both slept at the same time, which I find romantic. Yes, I fell asleep, and have been sleeping in fits since, and I’m still tired, but probably from over sleeping. As I said, I’m not feeling altogether very well at the moment.

Today’s song is “Greatest View” by Silverchair.


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