Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 50

Sometimes the coincidences surrounding my life are such so that I’m convinced people are out there deliberately trying to make things difficult. Of course, I’m obviously being paranoid, probably a symptom of my ever increasing hermit lifestyle, however, everything’s somewhat shifty at the moment.

First, I have no idea where my SLC diploma is. It was given to my father’s Associate a long time ago who was in charge of helping us get our working visas in order. At some point along the way we had to get some of the documents back, as China has the unreasonable expectation that you’d give them originals of everything and Maria needed her original diplomas for other applications like her MBA program, scholarships, student visas, etc. The belief is that in one of these exchange transactions I must have gotten my diploma back as well, but looking high and lo and nigh, I have no idea where it is, and my basket of possible locations is tiny; all of our stuff have been packed into suitcases and it’s a simple matter of tearing through all of them, which I have. Which brings up an interesting problem I see with Chinese people. They have a very CYA outlook on life, and when asking the associate if he could look for my diploma, he immediately says there’s no chance he has it, he’s sure he gave it to me, and I’m left unsure of whether or not he’d even look, when all I want is for him to LOOK just in case he has it and if not, fine, we’ll deal with it, but I NEED him to LOOK.

The urgency of the matter comes from the fact that, again, coincidentally, after nearly a year of stalling and delay, apparently I can get my working visa soon. I can’t help but feel that somebody just didn’t want to do it, or somebody wasn’t driven, wasn’t pushed to do it all this time, because again, the coincidence of the timing is too great. My tourist visa expires in exactly 2 weeks and they just now finally dangle before my eyes the merest of possibilities I can get my working visa, of course hindered by the very great and probably insurmountable barriers of my needing my diploma, which no one knows where it is, and a valid health certificate, which will take 1 week to process. My only hope is that either A) this guy finds my diploma which I’m almost sure he has, or B) I can ask SLC to issue another one in time for Maria to pick it up for me before she comes back to China at the end of the week. I guess it’s luck that she just happens to be there still when it may actually count. I’m going to run in for my health inspection tomorrow, but I anticipate they won’t be able to get it to me in time. From what I remember, it takes them a week to get it to me, and I’m just fast running out of time. I need a week to process my in country extension also…

So the plan is to do both, push both irons. I will get my health inspection tomorrow, see about what I need to do to get it as fast as possible, I will call SLC in a couple of hours to start the process of requesting another diploma because even if I do find it, it’ll be convenient to have a second (God I hope they issue them…Maria’s school’s won’t give her new ones…here’s where the non-traditional aspect of SLC may, hopefully, play to my advantage), I will still go and start the process of getting my in country extension processed, probably tomorrow as well, and hopefully that’ll be done by the time I get my new diploma and health certificate and we can proceed immediately then with the work visa from that point.

Sigh…see? Somebody’s out to get me. It’s like, slow, psychological torture. Wait a year with no word and nothing but delays and stalling, then at the last moment, right when it’s just not possible to get it done anymore, give me hope.

So one rant over, today’s song is “In Your Arms Tonight” by Stephen Trask, from the Hedwig and the Angry Inch soundtrack. I couldn’t find how to play this song online as it’s apparently not available, so I had to write it myself, which didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I must be getting back into the groove of playing on the guitar. Obviously from the musical/movie, which I don’t know if Maria has seen, but which I also don’t know if I liked enough to desperately want to see again. I do like this song a lot though, more than most of the other songs in it and definitely more than the popular ones like “Origin of Love” or “Wicked Little Town.” As far as popular ones go, I prefer “Midnight Radio.” But you know something funny, I had 2 Facebook friends who don’t know each other put up “Origin of Love” lyrics as their status, with their friends chiming in in the comments with the rest of the words. I wonder if it’s a cosmic thing, again with the paranoia here.

I apologize for the mostly pointless post about how I’m slowly but surely going insane.



maria | August 17th, 2010 

I know honey. Chinese people suck, huh? ;) I tell ya, this country is ripe for the efficient way of doing things, if we can pound it through.

I haven’t actually seen the Angry Inch, but I’d like to…maybe in a midnight showing somewhere, probably not in the Jing, I’d guess. Nor do the song names sound familiar. Perhaps in time.

Also, no going insane, at least not to the point where you can’t function on my behalf. I’m counting on you! <3

sean | August 17th, 2010 

Oh I’ll make it through I’m sure. As you brought up, I decided not to go get my health inspection today. Something about counting chickens right? It’ll also cost 1000RMB and I figure we have better things to spend that on in the immediate future since I need to find my diploma anyways. I did get in contact with SLC about it, and they can do it, but I’ll need to mail them a signed request and check for 50$, plus another 55$ or so for shipping. It looks like the entire process will take 10 business days and cost 150$+, so I’d actually rather exhaust all efforts at finding it in country before going forward. I just know it’s here…but so instead we’ll focus this week on getting my in country extension. 3 more months should be more than enough time to get everything together.

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