Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 49

Just 1 week left! Literally :)

I’m feeling quite, lethargic, and drained of energy at the moment. I think some food might help. I might see about getting that. I biked once around 2nd Ring yesterday and managed to do it in less than an hour and a half! That’s actually a new record in time, close to 17kph rather than the usual 15 or so heh…Still surprisingly slow for some reason, barebly 10mph. Something about this city and the crappy bike just makes it hard to get up and maintain any speed! But still, it was good. I went around clockwise rather than my usual counter clockwise because I figured I hadn’t ever biked around that direction before. Not much different, but some of the major interchanges at the corners were actually harder. I’m not sure which direction I’d want to head in next time though.

As I was biking I kept seeing all these construction workers doing random manual labor. What they lack in training, strength, and even desire to do the work is made up I’m sure by sheer numbers. These must be government workers, the equivalent of unemployment in the States, and they just throw people at these public works, which yesterday involved stacking bricks, ripping out large bricks from the side walks, and digging trenches. For some reason I kept thinking I’d like to stop and help them. There’s a part of me that thinks some manual construction labor would be…fun. Good exercise and such you know? I wonder how those very bored looking foreman will react to a random non-fluent-Chinese speaking American citizen offering to do construction work for them? I don’t think I’d be any good at building anything, but I’m pretty sure I can handle the dismantling quite well ;)

I’m going to stop now in deference to the search for food. Today’s song is “Adam’s Song” by Blink 182. I had tried to use HTML5’s audio tags to embed these, but something about that built in HTML5 javascript library and the one I’m using to embed my current Flash mp3 player’s conflicting a bit weirdly. I also expect the HTML5 built in one isn’t as pretty, having seen some samples online. I know people keep touting HTML5 and it’s built in video and audio handling functions, and I’ve even ran across some HTML5 games, a side scroller akin to the multitude of Flash games out there, and I do like the new canvas handling as I’m using it in my sensor web application, and some of the new built in CSS animation effects, client side storage, etc. are really neat, but I still like Flash. I know it’s a resource hog, and it doesn’t free up used RAM that well, but I just don’t see HTML5 replacing Flash for online games, or even anyone who wants greater control over how their MP3 and Video players look. Hmmm…because it was really ugly, the HTML5 player…damned Apple and their feud with Adobe. I like Flash. I even like Air, I have it running on my Mac. Bah.


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