Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 48

Yet another day spent mostly running administrative errands.

I got things rolling with my in country visa renewal next week. I’m gonna grab together as much of what I remember I need as possible and head on in with Jian-li around the middle of next week. That should give me plenty of time to get it everything processed before I’m expired on my current visa. Though, a point of clarification. The visa says that I need to “ENTER” before August 25th, 2010, and I can stay for 60 days at a time. Does that mean that I technically have one more entry at the very end of my visa period just before August 25th? If so I wonder if it’s worth trying to get in and out of the country one more time to squeeze in another month of time or so. Of course, I’ll need to figure out if that is the case, and seeing as that’s a “figure it out” bit, it might not be worth it to chance it and I’ll still follow through with my original plan, the middle of next week in country renewal. Still, just something I’m wondering about.

I got things rolling with getting the IFC a first class celebrity for their Gala evening on September 11th. I think we’re going to go with Jiang Wenli instead of Chen Kaige because he’s not going to be in the country on the 11th. He will be attending the Toronto International Film Festival where he’s apparently going to be promoting his newest Chinese movie. Ah well, he was the first choice, but I think Wenli’s calibre is as good as his anyways, especially in China, and that’s what’s important.

I spent a good bit of time talking to my father on the phone, in a conversation that actually spanned I think 4 conversations because he kept getting interrupted doing one thing or another. One time he was trying to find a taxi, then after he though he had found one, he actually didn’t, and had to find another, then he was in the cab and had to stop talking to give instructions to the guy, then, yeah. I think that was productive though, because it clarified a bit what I’m supposed to be doing for the sensor project. Most of my work’s already good and done, but there’s a lot of assumptions that I built in since the engineers haven’t yet created the sensors and the server and databases aren’t up and running yet, so who knows if my assumptions will be valid, though I think they might be, at least hope they will be. It’ll make things easier. Engineers will need to build in to the sensors the appropriate software to collect sensor data then communicate wirelessly with a web service that I’ll build that accepts HTTP POST data to update a database we’re going to implement on a new local server we’re putting together as well on site. Then this data will be read by the already built web application, and we’ll throw in some more features like viewing data over a specific time frame, looking up specific data from a specific time point, etc. Should all be pretty straightforward. My assumptions though is that for each point of data I’ll have an X coordinate, Y coordinate, and whatever “data” there is. This should be a safe assumption though. Some number fiddling will need to happen though as the HTML5 canvas tag uses (0, 0) as the top left rather than the bottom left corner like in a normal coordinate plane. Again, should all be pretty straightforward. Then there’s something else I’m supposed to figure out involving a VIP marked rFID thingie that a person wears and walks around a convention center and if some sensor sees that they’re “VIP” something, happens… [shrugs] Apparently the contract for all of this was supposed to come through last Friday, meaning, apparently, that I was supposed to be paid last Friday but who’s counting the days until I get paid finally right? But if it was supposed to be last week, maybe it’ll be soon then? ;)

I’m also doing some administrative work on my laptop, cleaning things up a bit, putting things in order some more, and making a proper new backup. I also took apart a broken external hard drive and now have some very powerful little magnets to play with and accidentally hurt myself with heh.

Maria’s going to be home so soon!

Today’s song is “Promise” by Eve 6.


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