Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 47

Not too much terribly interesting happened today. I sort of slept though most of it, which is unfortunate, but I was up all night waiting for the chance to talk to Maria, which I unfortunately missed because I didn’t hear her messages. Bah. So I’m going to try again, to speak with her this evening, EST time. Seeing as how I slept most of the day, interrupted only by my periodically checking and responding to my emails and answering my phone because people still called me, and yes, I know my dear, you said I should turn all this stuff off, again, not much happened. Mostly administrative stuff to do with the IFC, though I did email my resume over to one of the members at Nick’s request. Maybe I’ll get a job lead? Otherwise, I recorded some songs, found out there’s some more work to be done for Cary’s freelance stuff because the fancy site his brother built doesn’t work in older browsers, ate some leftovers, and I think I’ll go for a bike ride later this evening seeing as how I’m all nocturnal and such.

Today’s song is Waiting by Greenday.


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