Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 46

She’s almost home! 9 days and counting, until her flight that is, so uh, 10 days and counting until she’s back :) I will, of course, be picking her up from the airport when she gets back. I had originally though I’d go to NYC and join her, but I’m not sure that’s reasonable anymore considering how relatively few days there are left. We had told each other that we’re going to stop traveling without each other, and we’ve so far not made good on that yet. We really should stop though! It sucks to be without her, and boring to travel alone.

Today’s song is “Crying” by Roy Orbison. I’ve always known this but it’s become much more apparent as I play his songs but he’s got one hell of a range…Today’s mostly been an administrative day. I gave a quote for the sensor web project, so hopefully I can get paid, and I quoted a decently big chunk of money and apparently that’s OK. [shrugs] I thought I quoted high. But this should be enough money to pay for all the new apartment fees and deposits and rent up front and whatnot. I was also paid by one of my other freelance clients so that’s good to have some money again, I was almost quite literally broke. I now have full cPanel access to the IFC sites so that’ll make working on them much easier, specifically right now we’re dealing with email accounts and forwards as we have a slight changing of the guard. I’m also trying to work out how to go to Shanghai with my father this weekend to visit the PDL site and factories. Some minor ticketing and Gala stuff for IFC was touched upon as well, and I’m in the process of developing a new website idea which I’ll leave the details out for now because it’s in the very early stages of development, mostly brainstorming and researching available technologies. I also emailed my mother a bit, I hope she’s alright. She just finished her hip replacement surgery about a week ago and is in the recovery stages. Apparently, and maybe obviously, it’s very painful the process despite the pain medication, but she’s in good spirits, resting most of the time, and quite impatient actually to get back into her normal life.

I think that’s all I’ll post today.


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