Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 44

Whoa…how did it get so late? I’ve been doing some cleaning up of the Sensor Location code I wrote, formalizing it to be more Javascript reliant, separated out the code a bit, cleaned it up, etc. Ah well. I thought maybe I’d turn back the clock a bit in WordPress, but it’s probably not worth it.

Today was a weird day! I got up at a decent hour, despite going to sleep at a wholly indecent hour again thanks to my schedule being weird. I did some coding for my father, sent out some emails, then was so exhausted I feel asleep on the couch…Not reasonable! I was awoken by my father calling me inviting me to dinner. Apparently he’d “forgotten” about me…We were eating with some colleagues of my father’s, his landlady, some random guy who I don’t know, at the Chinese restaurant right on the water’s edge at XiHai (west lake). It’s called XiHaiYuSheng and I would suggest everyone give it a try, not because the food’s great, though it is good, and not because I’m related to the owner technically, but because the view is great. Literally on the water’s edge, there are even these fancy rooms that look like boats on the water and even actual boats on the water that you can eat your meal in. And these warm summer nights are wonderful. I had thought that I’d get eaten alive by the mosquitoes, but am glad to report that I don’t think I got a single bite.

As I said, the food wasn’t great, and the conversation wasn’t either. I think my father probably “literally” forgot he had a son who might want to share meals with him, and invited me without any thought on whether it would be appropriate to invite me or not. I didn’t know the people there very well, and they were talking business, not something I could contribute to in any meaningful way. Plus, since he’d forgotten about me, I was late and they’d all finished eating anyway, so it was generically just kind of awkward. Thankfully it didn’t last that long, we all said some awkward goodbyes, and I walked home. I’ve been programming since, and lost track of time…how easy it is to do that. You’d think that as diligent of a worker as I am, especially for no guaranteed pay, it would be easy for me to get a proper job. Hmmm…

Today’s song is technically a Christmas song, but not in that schmaltzy Christmas way so I thought it would be appropriate. It’s also quite obscure. It’s called “A Winter Wassail” by Faith and the Muse. I stumbled on their CD quite randomly when I was working at Barnes and Noble these many years ago when I first dropped out of high school, not that I dropped out multiple times heh. I don’t remember why I ordered it, but I was digging through the new book search system they had installed and found it. I even ordered it through the Barnes and Noble system as I got 20% off CDs I think as an employee.

My father does promise to pay me soon though…really, one of these days I won’t be working for free anymore…



maria | August 11th, 2010 

That sounds like an odd experience. Were the other folks awkward with each other? Did your dad not try to talk to you afterwards? …hahah, and did he promise while at the dinner to pay you? that sounds like an odd thing to talk about in the circumstances! Plus you should tell me more about who these people were later, please, ba.

sean | August 11th, 2010 

They weren’t awkward with each other, I don’t think. It was WeiWei, my father and Jian-li, some “professor” who apparently they were trying to pitch some business idea to (they being WeiWei and my father), and my father and Jian-li’s landlady at the new apartment, whose association with the other people I don’t understand. WeiWei got the check for the meal, so it seemed like a get together planned by my father to put her in touch with this “professor.” Again, no idea why the landlady was there, just to thank her? They didn’t seem awkward with each other, and my father promised to pay me sort of in hushed tones while other people were talking.

emily | August 12th, 2010 

dude! i didn’t know you listened to faith and the muse. i saw them live once… in cleveland. surprisingly good show, actually.

that’s what i really wanted to say, but while i’m at it, wow that dinner sounds awkward!

sean | August 13th, 2010 

Hah we totally have surprisingly unexpected overlaps in musical tastes! Though not that surprising since you did give me some music you like that I enjoyed a lot. Hmmm…you know Maria just saw A Little Night Music in NYC. Why is it all my friends have seen shows that I love but I haven’t!

maria | August 15th, 2010 

I think the song is weird, but I love the multiple- Sean singing!

sean | August 15th, 2010 

Well isn’t this post getting all the comments ;) It is a little weird, very much like an English Madrigal actually, but that’s kinda why I like it. You should hear the actual version; there’s a harpsichord and everything.

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