Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 43

The days are definitely winding down now before Maria’s back, and this project finishes. I’m quite impressed with myself actually for having taken it as far as I have. Granted she’s not back until the 21st, or more 22nd or something, so I still have almost 2 weeks of songs left to record, but I feel like I’m in the home stretch. I really can’t wait until she’s back.

I’m awake a little later than I’d like to be, and it’s not a good indication that I’m not actually that tired. It’s because I slept in today much later than I meant to, because I was up last night quite late, until past 4am I think, working on some web project for my father. He’s got this thing where he wants a simple web application to display the relative location of wireless sensor nodes within some space because apparently these things are too small and you can’t find them otherwise without help. He doesn’t want to use proper GPS though, and doesn’t want to pay for any commercial product, so it falls to me to make. I’ve thrown together something that basically works I think. It’s using random data now but you can view the demo here. The auto panning’s not as elegant as I’d like, and the floor plan image is obviously of very poor quality, but otherwise it basically works…

But that just means I’m going to be up later tonight than I’d like. And here I had my sleeping schedule all sorted and proper and everything. Ah well. This does mean my father’s in town, and hopefully he’ll be able to pay me soon. My other employer is back in town as well. I wonder when he’ll pay me…Getting real tired of working for no pay, especially now that we actually need the money.

Today’s song is another one meant to be played on the piano, so it’s not idea, but I think it works decently well on the guitar. “After All These Years” by Silverchair. I used to hate this song by the way, but then it started growing on me…not quite sure why.

My copy of Windows 7 Ultimate is also apparently “not genuine.” Granted, it did only cost me 30 dollars so there might be something to that. Though, apparently I have some kind of “guarantee” that the copy I bought will work. I wonder what that means. Maybe someone’s going to give me a new copy.


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