Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 42

How many roads must a man walk down?

Today’s song is “Everything’s Alright” from Jesus Christ Superstar. Now technically the song has 3 distinct singers plus a chorus of backup singers, but since there’s just me, it’s just me singing all the parts. I’m not sure why I wanted to record this song, but I’ve always liked it and I guess you can call this an experiment. I’m also under the gun here to get this post in on time so I’ll keep this brief and publish it. Not much happened actually. The cleaning lady came, I bought more gas for the apartment, my father’s giving me too little details for massively complicated web projects he wants me to work on with no guarantee of pay. You know, the usual. It’s a great song though, and a great musical, and speaking of which I’m so jealous of Maria getting to go see “A Little Night Music” in NYC today!!!


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