Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 41

So my computer upgrades came in today :) My cousin Michael brought them over to me, though he didn’t have to. I offered to go over to his place and pick them up for him but he insisted on bringing it over. Then he kind of just left, after I gave him the money for everything. I asked if he wanted to stay, hang out, get some lunch, but he didn’t. [shrugs] ah well. One surprisingly good thing that also showed up because I told my cousin I didn’t have the proper tools to make the installation and upgrade is this fancy little tool set! It’s got like, 2 dozen different screw driver heads (the important ones being the torx and phillips), and even this fancy flexible extension that spins even if it’s at odd angles for reaching those hard to reach screws. Fancy!

So I took my Macbook Pro basically complete apart, much easier than I expected. I’d done my fair share of taking apart Mac laptops and the iBook is by far the hardest…It took maybe an hour to get everything installed, then started the process of restoring from my Time Machine backup. I gotta hand it to Apple for this: the restore process from Time Machine was REAL easy. So now I’m sporting a fancy 500GB HD and 3GB of RAM. Much nicer now. It’s because of these digital photos I take, they take up lots of room…

The Starcraft II install also took about an hour, and actually much longer because it tries to automatically patch itself and for some reason the patch download just, “stops.” I had to keep switching back and forth between the local and VPN connections to reset the download and this seemed to have fixed it. It’s some weird download manager type thing and it picks back up from this weird “stopped” state when I switch connections. I’ve done a bit of research online and this is apparently a problem for other people as well. So the solution, turn off then on your connection and it’ll do its thing.

I’ve spent a good bit of time playing through the campaign, watching the movies, etc. It’s great. It’s got a nice Firefly type feel to it now, and the campaigns have been fun, much more fun than before, with fancy little twists and conditions to have to meet. I’m not gonna say much about it for those who haven’t played it yet. But I will admit myself slightly disappointed. It feels like the original game actually, just gussied up fancily. I can’t fault them for that because the first game was quite perfect, and all it could actually use was some gussying, which is what they did. I haven’t tried cooperative or online play yet, and probably won’t for a while since I’m connected to the SE Asia servers at the moment. When they open up North America to me I’m gonna try to play online with Miguel and some other US friends who play Starcraft.

We’re pleased to announce that all players who purchase the Southeast Asia/Australia/New Zealand version of StarCraft® II: Wings of Liberty™ will also have the option of playing on North American servers following the launch. While we still encourage gamers to play on the local servers, which will offer lower latency and more action during peak hours, we recognize that many players have longstanding friendships and rivalries with North American players, and would like to continue playing with them. Because of this, we’re giving Southeast Asia/Australia/New Zealand gamers access to both regions’ servers, so they can choose where they’d prefer to play.

This additional access will go into effect as soon as possible. Our intention is to make it available within 60 days of launch — at that time, players with a copy of the Southeast Asia/Australia/New Zealand version of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty will automatically gain the option to download the North American version of the game client through®. You can check out the FAQ for more information, and we’ll have additional details to share about acquiring the North American client in the near future on our Southeast Asia/Australia/New Zealand community site.

Today’s song is “Fool on the Hill” by the Beatles again. I’m gonna have to record more for tomorrow :)


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