Generic Style Updates

I haven’t done proper non-project specific updates in a while, so I thought I’d go into it a bit.

1) I repaired my bike today. I hadn’t ridden it for close to a month, and it’s been raining, then hot, then humid, so it was in very, very poor condition. I had to get one of the tires replaced, the inner-tube-y thingie replaced, and the chain replaced. This ran another 80RMB. So far, on top of all the other repairs done to the bike, I’m at 320RMB so far invested in this bike. You know what’s interesting though, it’s really much easier to ride now that I’ve had it fixed up a bit! I had noticed the last couple of times I’d ridden in it a month or so ago that it was exceedingly difficult to ride, get up to speed, or keep speed up. It’ll just grind. It’s so easy now though!

2) Once repaired, I rode it around, quite exhilarating actually because the weather’s gotten a little better. I overheard some people talking who said it felt like Fall all of a sudden, and I’d have to agree. It’s still hot out, but far less humid, to the point where it’s actually reasonable to be out despite the heat! I guess it really is because of humidity that it’s so miserable in this country. I knew it had something to do with it because I’d never minded the weather in the States when it would get just as if not hotter in LA, but it was always a dry heat, a good kind of bearable heat, not like this crappy humid heat where you work up a sweat just walking down the block. Bah!

3) Ah I also biked by BICD where Connections is to pick up some mail. There weren’t any, my father had picked it up apparently. The point though…the restaurant’s open again!? I spent a long time thinking to myself as I stood in line buying a chicken roll “I don’t know how I feel about it.” But then I realized, I feel bad about it, angry, betrayed. I can’t believe they opened the restaurant again!? These people are insane, and I think I really don’t like them. They cheated us, out of money, out of time, out of effort. They shouldn’t have re-opened the restaurant without telling us, and if they were going to, I’d like to think we’d have some say in them. They owe us money! Hmmmmmm…

4) That’s all that’s really going on now, though I bought upgrades for my laptop HD and RAM, and Starcraft II should be coming soon! :) I also had a REALLY good talk with Maria and that made me REALLY happy!


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