Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 39

There’s something surprisingly difficult about trying to play a song originally meant for the piano on the guitar. It’s just easier to have grace and hanging notes on the piano and those, when translated to the guitar, only come through in a sort of mush. Of course, no expert guitar player I. But this isn’t the only meant for piano song that I’d like to record for Maria on the guitar. I used to, when I had access to a piano that is, record the piano songs on the piano. Now that’s not an option anymore, and besides, a different instrument would sort of break up the theme of the overall project I think. Either way, today’s song is “Let It Be” by the Beatles. And, as Maria pointed out to me, the Verve song is called “The Freshmen” with an “E” not an “A” and a “the.” Whatever. Band names and songs that begin with “the” are weird. I mean…am I supposed to call them “the” Beatles when I’m talking about the “the” Beatles song? [shrugs]

I also spent a good bit of time today working on Maria’s surprise, as well as looking at apartments. Since she’s not here and I can’t just talk her through everything that I saw as I go through the photos of all the apartments one by one, I decided the best and most comprehensible way of presenting all the information was through a website. So I made a quick little one for this particular apartment search effort. And being the total dork that I am, it’s all decked out in PHP and everything though I could have just as easily done it in straight HTML…Apartment Search – August 5th, 2010. This process will also continue, so expect more random one off websites to spring up in the future :)

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maria | August 6th, 2010 

I am very grateful for the apartment info; I really appreciate the time you put into looking on my behalf. I hope the experience wasn’t too traumatic!

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