Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 38

I bought my first DVD in China! Not much of a milestone since I’ve done it before. I remember one time when I was in China with Kelly’s boyfriend buying an entire suitcase worth of DVDs and CDs. But it’s a first for this trip, and since we’ve been here for close to a YEAR now (yikes…) and this is only the first DVD I’ve bought, I’d say it’s at least a minor milestone. It was Repo Men, which was well, half funny in that dark humor kind of way, half kinda morbid, and half really sad in the end…I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. I was hoping for a better selection but this was just the little lady on the side of the street selling them out of a basket. What got me thinking of movies was that I even went to the movie theater intending to watch something, anything in English, but they didn’t have any! Right now, in Beijing, there are no US movies. The closest you’re gonna get is some weird Russian flick dubbed in Chinese of all things…

I also had an interview with Crystal Asia today, and as it’s still in progress, I won’t say much about it except that it’s for a PHP Programmer position, that the company does Western style web design in China (and well no less), and I think the interview went alright but I think all interviews go alright and they said they’ll get back to me.

I also did a little shopping at the Silk Market (秀水街, XiuShuiJie), bought a little surprise for my Maria :) Incidentally…I’ve no idea how that translated into “Silk Market…” I don’t know what the first character means but the last 2 are “water” and “street…”…The first one according to Google mean “show” and together supposedly it means silk but I remain doubtful.

Today’s song is “The Freshmen” by The Verve. I never understood why they were “The” Verve, I’m not even sure what “Verve” means, and they were popular around the same time as “Verve Pipe” which just made things even more confusing…But this is yet another song that I learned to play very early on in my guitar playing days. I think it may have been the first song that I was able to play that involved picking the strings.

I also haven’t yet found a good solution to backing up my WordPress every day. I’ve decided that just the database is good enough as the contents of this WordPress install are large and varied since there’s lots of media and the size of a full site backup would be prohibitive. Plus, I realized when I re-created some of the lost posts that I’d have to re-upload all media anyways and then the reference would change so just the core data in the DB is good enough. I’m going to manually do it for now…


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