Data Loss


So says my hosting provider:

“I’m so sorry but file system of the server crashed and we had only one way to solve this situation by restoring all accounts to a different server from the backups.”

That means…I lost the last 5 days worth of posts. SIGH. I dug through all my cache files on my PC, iPad, and Mac and managed to recreate 2 and a half posts…which I’ll re-post soon. And easy way of keeping track is through my Music Project posts. They restored back to Day 31, I should have up to Day 37. I managed to re-create Day 36, 35, and part of 34. Yesterday’s post was short anyways, and it wasn’t that long ago. As far as Day 33 and 32, well, they’re just lost well aren’t they?

I thought my hosting provider had daily backups! WTF man? I guess I’m going to have to start backing up using WordPress everyday now because part of what they also lost was the upgrade to 3.0.1 which means I can’t just backup my DB (which would be easier but need to backup all relevant files as well) because it might be out of sync then with the restored install version. Again…SIGH.


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