Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 36


Today’s song is Michelle, by The Beatles, and today’s position is at the very top. I also just found out two of my friends from high school are heading to medical school, together, starting this year, in Ann Arbor. What school might that be? And a fiasco with trying to get Maria her health certificate for her Chinese student visa application may soon be resolved. I’d decided to use DHL because they guarantee that within a week they’d be able to get my package delivered for me. They’d come and picked it up from my apartment in Beijing even, very good service. They had an envelope, an address label, and I filled everything out and paid and it was sort of out of sight, out of mind at that point. Quite expensive actually, by Chinese standards: 250 RMB or so to mail 3 sheets of paper. But definitely fast, according to the tracking lot it only took 2 days to get there, by way of Hong Kong and Cincinnati. But then the fiasco. Tracking says they tried to deliver it 3 times, they say they left that little delivery attempt slip thingie 3 times, and they said they tried to call Maria when they couldn’t deliver it. None of these things actually happened though as far as we can tell. There were no elivery slips left, there shouldn’t have even been a need for delivery slps since someone was home at the times they said they tried to deliver, and no one had called Maria, no missed calls or anything. so began the long slog to try to figure out what happened. I called them multiple times to confirm that all their information was correct, the address and contact number. I accidentally let slip that I was in China once (big mistake) and the guy patently refused to say anything more to me except to give me the China customer service number, something I really didn’t want because it felt like trying to play telephone with these people, I tell the Chinese something I want to do, they tell the Americans who then try to do it and who knows if they’ll get it right in passing my message because I can’t even tell if they got it right receiving my message their English being so bad. Persistence paid off, I kept calling, clamped up about being in China, and managed to get her package redirected to her work address, a much simpler process when pretending to be calling from the States. Had I used the Chinese approach, I would have had to fax a filled out form and my passport to the Chinese DHL people (who knows if they can read the fax with the new address…), then they’d pass that information to the States who’d then execute the redirect. “IN” the States though it was as simple as just emailing some guy saying I want it redirected, and I got confirmation this New York morning that it’s happening, and the package is out for delivery again so hopefully, everything will be resolved. One long process and hassle and paragraph later eh? :)


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