Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 35


Today’s song is “Yesterday” by The Beatles. Whenever I heard this song I mostly think of this musical a friend of mine helped put on in New York. It had been a summer a long time ago, and she was working for this all Asian American troupe and theyw ere doing an all musical, all karaoke version of some Shakespearian comedy involving mistaken identities and twins, I forget the name of the play, but this song was featured in it, as was Mustang Sally, Kung Fu Fighting, With or Without You, Total Eclipse of the Heart, those are all the songs I remember from it. It was great. I wish I could remember what the title of the play was but you know Shakespeare, there must be half a dozen comedy plays involving mistaken identities and twins…

I’m really tird right now, and am only awake by virtue of an alarm I had set. I was planning firstly and obviously to make sure I wrote this post and sent off Maria’s email, but I also wanted to give myself the chance to tell myself that I’m hungry, since I’ve not really eaten in a while, but no, not hungry, just tired, so I’m going to nod on back off to sleep pretty soon I expect, as soon as the email and this post are finished.

I’m moving back and forth between the couch in the living room and the bedroom now, very bachelor living I should say. I’ve set it up so that I’d have access to my desktop computer as well in the living room on the coffee table, so right now I have three bright LCD screens in my face in a pitch black room; my desktop, my laptop, and the iPad. I figured I might try and buy Starcraft II in China, I do love Starcraft, and I’ve really been waiting for the sequel to come out, and it has been close to 10 years for me personally since I’ve been waiting. I did some initial research and it looks like I should be able to buy the Southeast Asian edition, which Blizzard says will give me access to the Southeast Asian AND North American servers, though access to the latter will take 60 days from launch of the game. The idea is to be able to play Miguel but it looks like that’ll have to wait another 2 months. Ah well.

Here’s the song, again, “Yesterday” by the Beatles. I’ve been sort of playing around with where to place the actual MP3 player as it doesn’t matter all too much to me. There’s some weird spacing involved due to the Javascript embed so it may actually be most appropriate to put it at the very beginning of a post. I’m gonna see what it looks like at the end (today’s post), beginning, and middle and decide after doing all 3. Granted I’ve probably already done all 3 at some point just randomly, but this control will be a much better experiment of overall post aesthetics.


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