Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 34


So tired…going back to sleep. I was mostly overtaken by an overwhelming need to go to the bathroom that I woke up at all in the first place, and I figured I’d send today’s song to Maria and post it online. Not much happened today at all, surprisingly. I get very little correspondence on the weekends. The only thing to look forward to at the moment would be the cleaning lady coming tomorrow. I hope everything works out well!

But July’s over! That means there’s only August in the way of my seeing my Maria again :)

Today’s song is “When September Ends,” or rather “Wake Me Up, When September Ends” I think (who comes up with song titles that long?) by Greenday. My pain in the ass bandwidth is really slow right now, because Cina mostly uses DSL, not sure why, and since I live near Gulou and in the old alleyways, the lines are old so they can’t have that much bandwitdh in the first place on top of all the usage from other people it just means it crawls!


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