Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 30

It’s been one month! Pivotal really. I think this means we’re over the hump, and starting from today there’s less time before she’s back than she’s been away.

I’m also sick…which is really unfortunate. I was off and on sleeping all day in a half daze, unable to do anything really. Quite miserable, so this is all I’m gonna say right now and I’m going back to sleep.

I also realize that I’m not tagging these project posts and just categorizing them even though I guess it may have been appropriate to tag at least some of them whose contents reflected more than just the project…ah well.

Today’s song is “Cecilia” by Simon and Garfunkle.

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maria | July 28th, 2010 

It’s so nice that you miss me :)

It’s not so nice that you’re sick. I left explicit Sean-care instructions with more than one Beijinger. I am very disappointed. I may actually have to ask you to step in, Sean, as so often happens when I need help from afar. Do you think you can handle this for me? I’ll be back in…well, I guess you know when.

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