Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 29

Wow, this means that tomorrow will be a month since Maria left. Sigh, and still a month left. I’m going to keep this quite brief as I had almost forgotten to post it and was on my way to go to sleep. I have a decently full day tomorrow of taking care of my sister. Apparently my mother has a morning and lunch meeting and will need me to provide for her. They got back from Jinan today, after visiting my grandmother, and they’ll leave this Friday, and as annoying as it’s been having them around, I will at least say that I will miss them, like the good son that I am.

Surprisingly I’ve managed to record enough songs to last me until Friday. I keep thinking I’ll run out, but browsing rather aimlessly through the internet I keep finding more songs to record. This bodes well.

Today’s song is “She Says” by Howie Day.

Incidentally, I can feel my computer slogging down and down after extensive use. I think I’d like to upgrade my RAM and my HD. These should be relatively inexpensive upgrades and should let me squeeze at least another year of usability out of this laptop. How long’s it been…3 years come January 2011? I should be able to double the RAM to 4 GB and triple the HD to 500 GB. That’ll last me. But then I’ll need a larger external for my Time Machine backups. Hmmm…


Great…apparently I can install at most 3 GB of RAM…who the allows and optimizes for dual channel RAM but then requires un-matched pairs to achieve the max. memory?


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