Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 27


I worry about them, a lot…I worry they’re too cold or too hot, not eating enough, that their water is fresh enough, that there’s enough water, too much water, enough room for them to move (do they move?). I’m a mess trying to take care of them! I know absolutely NOTHING about turtles, from something as basic as whether or not they can breathe underwater which determines how much water I put in their bowl and whether the rocks are protruding enough out of the water surface…Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not going to write much more, though a few blog updates. I changed the blog description, and I finally made an “About” page, or more precisely, I updated the “About” page as it existed before but had just what the initial WordPress install put in it as content show casing the Pages system. Not that interesting I’m sure, but something new.

I also had my brief phone interview, which I think went well. I spoke with a lovely girl from the Guggenheim and we agreed to touch base again next week. Of course, I’m not holding out hope as things haven’t always panned out this past year or so, but still, here’s hoping. It would be nice to be in New York again.

The goldfish also keeps making noise in its bowl. I wonder if it doesn’t have enough room so is shaking around unintentionally, or maybe it’s trying to escape! I hope it doesn’t try to escape…it’ll be very disconcerting to hear a weird, wet, splat on the tiled floor in the middle of the night to find it’s an escaped goldfish…

Today’s song is by Elliott Smith again, and is “Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands.”


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