Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 26

So I did manage to stay awake for the vast majority of the day. I saw my mother off to the train station this morning around 7AM, then kind of goofed off for the most part until 9AM or so when she gave me a call reminding me that there were people coming to take measurements to install new curtains in the upstairs bedroom. I actually had forgotten, and had planned to meet with Cary to do some web work at 10AM so I called him up and told him I’d be just a little late because I thought, well, how long could it take to measure curtains? Turns out, they didn’t show up until 2PM! Obviously, maybe, without much to do for those 4 or so hours, I may have nodded off and on. I remember waking up to the sound of my alarm multiple times as I always set it for like some interval of time on the 15 hoping that I’d hear from somebody, so in my defense, I’d barely count that as sleep.

But finally they did come and go, and measurements were had, and I went and met with Cary for a few hours in a hotel lobby of all places that’s adjacent to his office building. I realized as I was leaving after we had finished that I hadn’t formally negotiated the next chunk of payment I’d like to get from him. I will have to send off an email and rectify this situation, as it’s near the end of the month, and I’d like my measly pittance.

Also, over a month ago, I had applied to some jobs in NYC because there were great uncertainties about where I should be, and there still are. It was a fun sounding PHP Programmer position at the Guggenheim, and I figured why not. I think I was mass emailing job vacancies at that point. Well lo and behold, I actually got a response yesterday, and they’d like to at least have a preliminary chat on the phone, so I’ve arranged to speak with them at 3:30PM Eastern time, meaning 3:30AM my time, which is actually why I’m going to go to sleep real soon, though I haven’t decided if I want food yet as I’ve not eaten all day. But I’ve ingested lots of liquids.

I’m also moved back into the downstairs bedroom, for good this time, at least until my mother leaves. I finally have a room, a bed, and a desk again. I also find myself now the caretaker of 1 goldfish for the other had already died, and 2 turtles, and I admit myself at a complete and utter loss as to how to take care of turtles. Simple questions like, can they breathe underwater? I need to know how much water to put in the big bowl…

I also did some recording today, enough to last me until Sunday night, after which I will need to record at least 4 more songs to tide me over until my mother leaves and my privacy is secured. I think I’ll take care of those tomorrow. I actually have surprisingly little on my plate at the moment. I took care of what I needed to with Cary, my mother and relatives are gone to visit even more relatives, the IFC web work is put off until next Friday, and I’m alone. Hmmmmm…I think I’ll look up my father, see how he is, see if there is any good news on those fronts for us.

Today’s song is by Elliott Smith, and is called “Baby Britain.” I was on an Elliott Smith kick so the next 2 songs are also his. It’s kind of hard though, to find non-weepy Smith songs, not that I don’t like those, but I don’t think they’re appropriate to record for my Maria.


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