Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 25

Today’s song is How’s it Gonna Be by Third Eye Blind, probably my favorite song of theirs. It’s also the last song I have pre-recorded which means that tomorrow I’ll have to have another session and knock out the next chunk. Thankfully, I should have some privacy because my mother and everyone else actually go down to Jinan to visit my grandmother for the weekend.

I do have to do some work for Cary though who wants me to show up at his office at 10AM tomorrow morning…I wonder what’s up. He sent us a fancy timeline of things he’d like to roll out and it feels more and more like my role will soon no longer exist. Hmmm…well this was supposed to be a one off thing in the first place, and it’s extended into its third month so I guess you take what you can get. Plus, I wouldn’t take the pay he’s giving me if this were a permanent thing so I guess it’ll come to its natural conclusion soon.

My sleeping schedule is incidentally a wreck. I’m half nocturnal/half diurnal at the moment sleeping usually around 4AM and getting up around noon. I should really fix that huh. I think tomorrow may be the day when it gets fixed whether I want it to or not because I need to get up early to send my mother off to the train station, then I need to head over to Cary’s place. Even if I don’t sleep tonight until very late, or at all, I’m probably booked solid tomorrow well into the late afternoon at least and I’m sure I can come up with some things to occupy my time until evening and throw my sleeping schedule back on course. I still sort of have a headache though…and China is really warm and humid at the moment, uncomfortably so, 85 and like 100% humidity right now at 9PM even. Unbearable. I took a walk to buy some more electricity and was just exhausted by the time I got back. We also ate dinner at the dumpling restaurant down the street and made the mistake of sitting outside. This was definitely one of those evenings where the cool of the air conditioned interior outweighed whatever people watching benefits were to be had.

My father is incidentally heading back into town late this evening. I guess he extended his trip a good bit, but this means that I should be able to speak with him relatively soon and maybe have some good news for all. We still need a chunk of RMB before we’re able to pay for Maria’s tuition in full; I think the money Cary’s paying me at the end of the month should be able to cover about half of that, so the rest we should be able to throw together relatively easily. Here’s to hoping everything gets together!



maria | July 22nd, 2010 

I’m sorry that your headache seems so persistent. Try to take care of your health! But don’t let tuition worry you. That is, as always, not your problem, and as it seems a credit card will be difficult to get in time, I think cash is the way I’ll go. I’m satisfied with that answer.

sean | July 22nd, 2010 

I’m quite convinced now that my messed up sleeping is related to my headache and ultimately that spider bite! The swelling’s gotten a bit better, but it’s gotten redder but that’s probably from scratching it…I will definitely take care of my health though!

I’m not worried about tuition per se, I just want to make sure we stop spending your money baby! I’ll be paid from Cary decently soon and that will cover almost the rest of what we need for your tuition in addition to money we already have in country. I also don’t want you bringing back lots of money on the airplane it doesn’t feel safe. I do think cash is the way to go, but I’m confident I can cobble together the rest of what we need by the time you get back so that you may not even have to travel with any money.

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