Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 23

Sigh…so I have a headache, a really bad one, and have had it since trying to go to sleep last night and it just hasn’t let up! I also have what appears to be a rather nasty spider bite on my left knee. A spot the size of my palm has swollen up and is bright red, plus it itches and hurts, plus it’s much warmer than the rest of my body. That sounds ok though right? Presumably it were anything bad it would have done its harm already. Either way.

Tomorrow I’ve been tapped to do a multitude of web work for three different parties no less, only one of which is actually paying me, and a minimal amount at that. And none of these are simple run of the mill projects. One is my father’s now massive and multitudinal enterprise consulting website plus sister sites plus children sites, in multiple languages no less using frameworks I’ve developed myself, another is Cary’s electronic medical record site, which again, is massive and using a homegrown framework, and the other are the IFC sites, of which apparently there are also lots, and this one I anticipate the main sticking point being that it’s someone else’s framework, or more precisely Joomla, but developed by someone else and I’m just here to hack my way through it and make changes. Sigh, when will I get paid?

I’m also still without a proper job, without a proper visa, without a proper apartment, and the love of my life is out of town and will still be for a month. Plus my mother’s in town, and staying with me…

Either way, life goes on, one day at a time, blah blah blah put one foot in front of the other and charge forward with a smile on your face :), which I do have at the moment, despite the headache.

Today’s song is Miss You Love by Silverchair.

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maria | July 21st, 2010 

Love of your life, eh? ;)

I’m sorry about the spider bite/headache/joblessness.

I am looking forward to hearing the song later!

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