Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 22

Sigh so I’m a little late with this post, but I was exhausted last night! Passed out right after dinner, woke up like 2 hours later because it was really warm, and was really warm all night actually. I moved back and forth between the upstairs and downstairs couch trying to cool down enough to fall back to sleep. Slept fitfully, ultimately, but what can you do. I’m going go to back to sleep now actually as the only reason I’m awake is because my mother needed me to help her find the address of a hotel where she’s having a meeting at online. Also, they were installing new curtains for the apartment so people came in, the phone was ringing, it was just a noisy mess this morning, and I’m still really warm! Of course, it’s all Maria’s fault for keeping me up all night before talking online ;)

Today’s song is by the Beatles again, and is Mother Nature’s Son. And despite being a little late, I’ll still be posting a song later today, just about 12 hours from now I expect.


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