Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 21

Today’s song is Across the Universe by the Beatles. I’ve also finished recording songs for up until this coming Friday, when my mother and everyone leaves again for Jinan to go and visit my grandmother who’s been ill. That means I’ll have the house again to myself and privacy enough to continue recording in the comfort of my own home.

I spent a bit of time talking to Maria on Skype today which was great. What with my traveling about I haven’t had much time to talk to her in an interactive way; only through emails and such, so it was a welcomed change. I hope she’s doing well, and she seems to be, though a bit tired. I wonder if I can convince her to come and post some short little updates on how things are going for her over there ;)

My father gets back into town reasonably soon, which is good because I have many things I want to discuss with him. I keep hoping and expecting that something, anything, any one of the dozen or so projects that are currently going on will come through for us in some way and we’ll be set, if at least for the short term, so that I can go and visit Maria in NYC, so that we can pay for her business school, so that at least this short term of the next couple of years or so can be taken care of and we’ll worry about what happens later. And it feels like this can come to be, I just need to clarify and maybe push a little for it. Either way.


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