Tianjin – Summer 2010

These are photos of Tianjin. I went with my mother, Doug, and sister in the Summer of 2010 when they came to Beijing to visit. This was only my 2nd time visiting, the first being when the IFC went and sang the African Sanctus there. We hired a driver to take us around during the day and drove by the theater we sang in incidentally. Apparently it had burned down a bit ago and what was still standing there is a replica. We took the high speed train, which for anyone going to Tianjin I would suggest as it’s faster than anything else taking only half an hour and costing only the equivalent of 10 USD per way; comfortable, quiet, easy. Despite being a very hot day, I managed to get soaked multiple times when it started to thunderstorm. Otherwise, it would count as one of those whirlwind tours of all the hot spot:

  • Some weird banking district.
  • Some weird district called “Five Big Streets” where all the rich people used to live and whose fancy buildings and houses now belong to the Chinese government. Tianjin incidentally’s got this weird feeling of pride and anger over the communist party liberation that happened. Apparently, unlike Beijing where the government surrendered before the fighting could start because they felt it inappropriate to fight in the country’s capital, in Tianjin they fought it out tooth and nail. I really gotta learn more Chinese history though, it’s shameful…
  • A big fancy indoor market of which there are apparently many.
  • A place also called “GuLou” but in the ancient sense of the word “Gu.”
  • We drove by a rebuilt kind of ancient part of the city that’s supposed to be “just like” how it was. Isn’t this what Beijing’s doing? It’s quite successful in Tianjin so what the heck right?
  • The “Italy Town…”…

Photos to follow:


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