Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 20

Whew back in Beijing now. I managed to sleep almost the entire time on the train. I made it a point to exhaust myself the night before by not sleeping, also because I didn’t really want to sleep but that’s what happens when not much calls on your schedule on these pseudo vacations that I take, and I knew the train ride would be boring so best to sleep through it if possible.

I got in, waited in a very long line of people before being able to get a cab, must have been at least 200 people, came home and barely had time to get my stuff back in order (because I’m sleeping on the couch again since my grandfather decided to come back to Beijing…hrrmmm…) before being called to dinner with my mother, which was good, and now I’m home and all set up again on my coffee table and couch and just getting stuff in order like photos and charging electronics and others.

Speaking of which, I’ll at least be able to post the Tianjin photos after this post, those are ready. I still need to go through the Hong Kong photos so bear with. I’m also out of songs for Maria after tonight; I think I’ll go record a batch tomorrow.

Today’s song is Closing Time by Semisonic heh…


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