Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 17, from HK

Posting from Hong Kong! The train ride was interesting, there’ll be photos and a proper blog post on it after this. I’m actually quite behind on photos I think; I need to post the ones from Tianjin and the ones from this trip. Ah, so many things to do, so little time.

I got in safely this afternoon, 25 hours after I left. As I’ll write more about later, the accommodations and the journey itself were quite enjoyable. For those of you who haven’t traveled long distances by train, I highly suggest it.

Either way, the meat of this post is the new song, which I’m happy to say I am not late in getting out. It’s “Something in My Eye” by Ed Harcourt, a little known artist I think.

I do like this city a lot, and the internet is fast and plentiful. I’m going to take lots of photos tomorrow hopefully, and specifically hopefully of cats :)


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