Cabbage in New York

Today may be the first day I’ve been in New York that I don’t make it down to Wall Street, although I guess it’s still early. Instead, I’m being sort of domestic: I’m making cabbage, just like in BJ (I’m drinking real Diet Coke with it, though, so by no means is it the same). I’m also doing laundry, which entails leaving the apartment, and doing hand-wash in the sink, doing some dishes, and planning trips to the grocery store and the dry cleaner. Kind of mundane, eh? Expat life is clearly much fancier.

Yesterday I went to see a friend in New Jersey, touring through the charming neighborhood where his house is located. We had sushi, went to a bar; I rode some trains, took the wrong train, saw some sights, had a good time. In New York I ask for directions and understand the answers. I chatted with a random local in the elevator this morning; we high-fived because we agreed on our mutual awesomeness at being up and productive on a Sunday morning.

I miss China, though. Some of the guys in the office are Chinese, and we talk about food and the absence of open-container laws and Chinese people. Although I still have a lot to do in New York in the next few weeks, I’m looking forward to going home.


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