Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 12

Again, exhausted! And soaked…it’s pouring rain outside and, in waiting the hour or so before I could get a taxi for us, soaked through and through. The whole adventure though begins at 6pm when we start to head out to the China National Center for the Performing Arts, that egg shaped building, 国家大剧院. This is the first time any of us has been and I was kinda excited about it. Maria my dear, we must go when you get back. We saw some eclectic concert of Chinese style music, all quite good, especially the first two pieces, one which featured drums and the other this Chinese instrument that’s kinda like a guitar. I liked them the best because they blended lots of Western influences into it; I find that when listening to just Chinese music, I get bored real quick by all the repetition and general lack of difference from one another.

But the adventure is that traffic was jammed packed solid trying to get there. We ended up only going like a mile, which took half an hour, then hopping out and getting soaked the first time walking to the closest subway stop. Thankfully, the subway itself wasn’t crowded but the station was like the apocalypse; police officers were trying to close off one set of station doors while a mob of people were pushing their way through; real end of the world stuff. We got there, saw the concert which, again, was great and forgive my lack of eloquence as I’m exhausted I think I mentioned.

Adventure part two happens once the concert’s over…we try to take a cab back, big mistake. By the time we decide it’s impossible the subways have stopped running. So we hop in a bus to ride to the big Western hotel down the road, where, getting soaked round two, we make it up to the turn around to find like 30 people waiting for taxis, and no obvious fleet of taxis showing up. So, the good son I, decide to start walking away from the center of town to the next major intersections to see if I have better luck catching a cab. I wait for close to an hour, hopping from one side of the street to the other, trying to chase down taxis who just refuse to stop and pick you up, getting soaked, what, round three now. I finally get one though, thank the guy profusely, then go pick up my mother and everyone else, who have only moved like 3 places in line. Doug said afterwards he thought about doing a little victory dance when this taxi already with someone in it comes and picks up this family who arrived late to the line and were still in the very back; just really rub it in their face type stuff.

We stop by McDonalds because we hadn’t had dinner yet, it’s like 11:30pm now, we get home, I give the taxi driver a great tip even though you don’t tip taxis in China just because of how thankful I was.

And that ends the tale of why I’m soaked and tired, and definitely too exhausted to write anymore, so on to today’s song, which is also unfortunately the last one I have pre-recorded. I need to go in for another recording session at my father’s place where I have privacy. I’m going to try to take care of that tomorrow.

Today is the White Stripes – We Are Gonna Be Friends. I don’t really like the White Stripes because I think they’re trying too hard to be cool. This is their one song though where I appreciate the simplicity of it.



maria | July 10th, 2010 

Sorry I missed it! What a good family member you are. I’d love to go to the Egg…

sean | July 22nd, 2010 

The Egg misses you too! We’ll be sure to go when you get back. It’s actually quite easy now that I’ve done it a couple of times. The best way is to take the subway which has an exit for the theater from inside the station even! There are cheaper tickets, I think as cheap as like sub-100RMB and I don’t think they’re ever sold out so we can just go whenever we feel like, see what’s playing, pay and have ourselves a good time! No pictures though, for some reason, not even in the public spaces around the theater. They’re real picky about that. When we went Doug had his camera on him and they made me check it with coat check.

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