Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 11

Whooo I’m tired! I’m trying quite hard to avoid staying in “military” dormitories in Hong Kong. Apparently, I have an aunt who’s father was my grandfather’s brother, so we’re actually quite closely related, but her husband is some higher up in the Hong Kong government so while offering to let me stay in their home would have been an imposition, they offered to let me stay at the local military base’s dormitories. Thankfully, they said, Maria isn’t with me because she wouldn’t be allowed on the base, but apparently no one will question my presence since I “look” Chinese…I think I’m going to get a hotel room here…right?

So I’m looking up hotel prices as we speak, but I’m as I said getting quite tired so I wanted to put this out there before I conked out. Still been getting up with the sun, 5:30 AM, though it’s Doug who woke me this time. My mother’s also getting sick so that’s not helping things either. Tomorrow will be a day of…um…taking care of Doug and my sister; we’re getting dinner with a famous Chinese actress ChenHong, then going to the set where her husband ChenKaige, a director, is filming. Is this too much of a name drop? The idea is that the IFC is trying to get him to appear at their gala event on September 11 as the keynote speaker and main event so we’re their in. Either way, more updates to come. I haven’t seen them in years but they’re quite close family friends so I look forward to it. I’m seeing a surprising lot of people I used to know from many, many years ago; it’s nice :)

But there have been business developments on my father’s front, so keep an eye out for vague but good news :)

Today is Elliott Smith’s King’s Crossing.


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