Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 9

Back on the bandwagon!

I escaped from my mother’s place and am currently camping out at my father’s. I took the time to pre-record 4 songs to send to Maria so I’ve got the next four days covered! I’m a little out of ideas on what to sing at the moment so this is good; I’ll spend the next four days coming up with new possible songs to record, then politely excuse myself to my father’s place to “work” where I will be able to make the actual recordings. Not the most brilliant solution, especially since my father also gets back to China at some point and I won’t even have privacy at his place, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Today is Dar Williams – Iowa. I forget where I first heard this song, and I forget why I like it so, but it’s the only country song I know and I guess that’s at least neat :) I also just noticed that all my file names are a bit weird for these songs; I should take the time to give them proper file names in the WordPress system so it’ll be easy to generate that XML file I’m going to use to group all the songs together when the project is done! :P

Incidentally also, the <p> tag that surrounds the flash mp3 player doesn’t seem to inherit the proper spacing…

Edit: Ahhhhh…that’s because the flash embed JS replaced the <p> tag with the <object> tag…I wonder if I should rewrap it in a proper <p> tag so its spacing isn’t messed up…And has anyone noticed a distinct lack of treble in these recent recordings…?…It’s ’cause I broke my high-E string and haven’t had time to replace it yet! I should get on that huh; it sounds a little, flat.


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