From another continent

Sad to report that this post represents an expat blog fail. I’m in my home country, even though it’s a new city to me. I’m a little homesick for Beijing, and I miss the Sean. At least there’s street food, and cats. I’m also a little allergic to the latter, but they seem to be tiring of their formerly favorite game of jumping on me in the middle of the night. Progress.

NYC reminds me of LA in some ways. I run in the morning, I wear a suit, I have an office. People give me orders, which I sometimes understand. It’s similar, but not the same: the weather is hot, I commute via subway, my office is shared, some of my coworkers are much younger, and, unlike in my former law office, there’s a distinct paucity of women. Like Beijing and unlike LA, there are a lot of Asian guys, some of whom invite me to practice my Mandarin.

Work is interesting. There’s a lot of it. A lot of it is fresh-snow-new to me. It’s a good use of my time. Business in Beijing continues to grind forward, and I turn my attention to it from time to time, less often than I should.

I like New York. It’s cool enough in the morning to run outside, and it’s beautiful and green and there are rivers and ponds. I met Central Park yesterday, which was lovely. I met up with some friends in the past couple of days (other than the ones I’m staying with). I had some Cuban food. I had a Sam Adams on tap. There will be more outings. It’s good.

I enjoy listening to Sean’s songs. I wish we could talk on the phone more. I wish I could see him.


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