Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 8, sort of again…

So this is another day where I’m putting up something I recorded a while ago as I still don’t have the privacy I desire, and it seems I actually may not which is really a bother. Hopefully the solution is to record in the park…which is a little ghetto but you do what you can right? My mother’s kind of guilting me into staying longer by offering to let us stay in the apartment as long as we need after she needs and just owe her money for rent. Also, it’s become reasonable for me to stay longer here because my grandparents are now going back to their home much earlier than before because my grandmother is apparently ill and wants to go back to her doctor. So, mixed blessing; I’ll have my own room again in the apartment, but still no real privacy. To the park! But tomorrow…I am exhausted right now. Hopefully this family will get over its jet lag soon and I’ll be able to sleep normally again. There will be interruptions in the project, like when I go to Hong Kong for my next visa trip, but I’d rather there not be day to day interruptions like this. I’m quite looking forward to it!

Today is Radiohead – Black Star. I have very little to say about this song actually…aside from that I like it. The recording is a little old, so I think my voice quality’s a bit different than it is now. It’s probably appropriate to record it again when time permits.

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maria | July 5th, 2010 

I definitely expect a re-record…and i will compare by listening to both over and over. ;D

When’s the HK trip??

I continue to love the project. Keep up the good work. Extra encouragement! (Especially now that you’re driven out of your shelter to complete it).

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