Maria in NYC Music Project – Day 7, sort of…

So this is a pseudo proper post, but still pseudo along the veins of the project, so I hope it’s pseudo acceptable. It’s just that I haven’t left my mother’s place yet, and there’s my sister, my mother, and my grandparents all to contend with in a what is now feeling very small two bedroom apartment. And to think Maria and I thought it huge when it was just the two of us. And it gets worse tomorrow when Doug gets in…I just have no privacy, and I’m exceptionally shy about singing in front of family, so it’s just not a good thing goin’ on here. Plus, I’m out of pre-recorded songs recorded for the purposes of this project, um…so the point is please bear with as I recycle a previously recorded song into the mix; I think it’s actually more than pseudo appropriate as I would have re-recorded this song on the guitar anyways for this project sooner or later as I do love it and it’s definitely project appropriate; just don’t mind my cheating a bit and using a recording not originally recorded for the project.

Speaking of which, this song was originally recorded for Emily, as it was she who introduced me to it, in this lovely CD of music that she loved which she gave to me. I’d also heard the song before at Pyramid in NYC one of the times I went with Emily and everyone, but never really remember much about it after it was played, so it was a pleasant surprise to come across it going through her CD. Incidentally, if you haven’t, you should all watch the music video! It’s available on YouTube, and is the BEST THING EVER!!!

So it’s Erasure – A Little Respect

Incidentally, I think once this project is over I’ll compile all these songs into one multi-song player; it’ll give me a chance to dive a little deeper into the inner workings of WordPress, getting all posts with a category tag of “blah” then getting all their music file attachment file paths and using that to generate an XML file for the flash player to read…

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emily | July 8th, 2010 

yay, erasure shout outs! :)

i had never watched that video before, but you’re right, it is about the sweetest thing!

one obscure little detail i can’t believe i noticed is near the end of the vid they’re spray painting a bullhorn. the logo on the bullhorn is from the cover of depeche mode’s “music for the masses”. vince clarke (not the lead singer but the other guy in erasure) started out in depeche mode. crazy!

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